Current Blahvents

Hello.  Hello.  Hello.  How’s it going everybody.  I apologize for the lack of updates on the old blog recently.  I’ve been a bit distracted, but don’t take it personally.

I’ve been working on a few things but nothing I want to talk about too much right now.  I gotta be careful not to spoil a surprise that might come later on, you know.

So I’m gonna try to talk about a project but also try to be vague about it too.  Because one of my favorite things about doing what I do is the creative process, I enjoy talking about it.

So, what’s going on is I’m working on this story, right?  And it’s going along alright but I’ve hit a little wall.  And I can’t tell if it’s because my planning has been crappy or if I’m being lazy or if I’m just frozen up because of some kind of creative confidence problem I may or may not have.  Because I have a real vision for this thing but every time I sit down to work on it it’s like my insides turn to ice and I can’t get warmed up to it.  And it’s an awful feeling!  I don’t want to have to deal with it.  I’d like to just power through but I don’t know how exactly.

I guess I’m setting it down for a second so I can take a breather.  I don’t think that all hope is lost on the project, it’s just not making sense to me currently and I can’t trick myself into being excited about it (believe me, I’ve tried!).

I don’t like having to hit pause on stuff like this because I like to be able to just work and not twiddle my thumbs, you know?  It’s like you want to just get it done (or get ‘er done, as some of you say).  I’m not complaining really.  I’m just voicing a particular spot where I’m at creatively, you know?  It happens to everybody.  I know.  I know.  It’s natural and everything.

Maybe it’s a perspective thing and I just need to scoot back and squint my eyes and see if it all clicks.  Maybe it isn’t supposed to click and I just need to quit forcing it into something bad and just let the thing die.  That’s probably okay.  Maybe there’s something else that’s worth more of my time and I’m just needing to figure out what that other thing is.  Who knows?  Hopefully it’ll all clear up.

And I don’t really know why I feel the need to tell everybody this.  There’s no point really.  Maybe I’m just being selfish and I want people to listen to me semi think.  Maybe it’s just another form of narcissism.  Wouldn’t be the first time I’m sure.

Maybe I just have too many thoughts spinning up in that head and I need to leak some out.  I don’t know.  It happens to bodies all the time.

Not trying to confuse or bother anybody really.  Just feel like writing publicly suddenly.  Is that okay?

Anyway, thanks for reading.  Hope you’re having an enjoyable day.

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