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Run Log 50

Wednesday  3-30-2011 at 6:21 PM CST         60:27 minutes    est. 6+ miles

Hey, ya’ll!  This is going to be the last Run Log either for all time or for a little while.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to pick it back up later on or not.  I don’t know.  I feel like I’ve said probably everything I can think to say about running already in these entries.  And I know I’m just repeating myself at this point.   So I’m going to wrap it up and maybe I’ll write a special entry here and there if something neat happens.  How’s that?

I’m actually doing this a day late because I usually don’t run on Wednesdays.  It was rainy on Tuesday so I postponed my run.   Also, I seemed to get really busy really fast and I just wasn’t able to fit it in.  So I went today.  Yeah.

It wasn’t rainy today but it was definitely cooler than normal.  I think the temperature was around 53˚.  And I’m happy to say there was very little wind.  The run itself went smoothly.  I was actually in the mood to get out there after missing Tuesday.  Tuesdays are often the hardest day of my week because I’m still sort of tired from Monday and I often just don’t want to think about running again.

I stopped today to get some water around 35 minutes into it but other than that I’m pretty sure I just kept a steady pace all throughout the run.  I do remember feeling tired but not so bad that I was miserable.  I just tried to keep moving and counting.  I think I mentioned that I’m constantly counting to 100 when I run to keep my pace.  Well, I guess it’s to keep my pace.  I’m really not sure why I do it.  I think maybe it just helps break up the monotony.

I’m sure I’ve said this but I’m not going to quit running just because I’m ending the blog.  And I’m hoping not having to think so much about the runs will make them easier.  It’s really a big deal to try to remember all of these little things you’ve gotta deal with when you run so you can write about them later.  I keep thinking that I’ll run faster now that the blogs are over.

I wanted to say thanks to anybody who has read these.  I hope it gave you something to think about and more than that I hope it made you want to run.  I’ve had a lot of fun with it and it’s been fun to share some of the highs and lows.

Take care!!



Run Log 49

Monday  3-28-2011 at 4:49 PM CST         60:08 minutes    est. 6+ miles

I think the weather today was perfect for running.  It was about 63˚, which didn’t feel too cold once I got going.  Not much wind.  That was a big plus.  I thought I’d be more tired from my run on Saturday but I felt fine.  I just listened to my This American Life podcast and trucked along (by the way, it was a worthwhile show to listen to on the topic of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery — you can hear it here).

Before I ran I decided to not have a real goal other than to just go.  I was prepared to stop early if I needed to.  But I felt fine.  Not much more to say about that.

I’m thinking tomorrow is going to be my last entry in the Run Log.  I was planning to do this until I either hit 50 or 100 entries or if I ran a half marathon distance.  And by tomorrow I’ll have done 2 of those so I think it’ll be an okay time to wrap it up.   I’m pretty sure it’ll be a permanent ending but if a little time passes and I’m itching to write more about my running I may start it up again.  But I don’t know.

I won’t quit running, I’m just gonna stop talking about it on the internet every time I do.  I’m curious to see if it’ll make the runs easier or not.  I do think it’ll be nice to not have to think about blogging.   And maybe, just maybe, I can find a different subject to write about.   I’d like to keep writing this often.  I just need to to figure out the right topic.


So, see ya’ll tomorrow one last time for running talk.  Good night!

Run Log 48

Saturday  3-26-2011 at 6:04 PM CST         140:20 minutes    est. 13.5 miles

Wow, I finally hit my big goal distance today.  I ran for 2 hours, 20 minutes and 20 seconds.  And no, it wasn’t straight through.  I had to stop my timer to walk a few times and wait at lights.  I only ran the timer when I was actually running.  I went all the way to Keller and back and then I ran the last 2 miles at the mile loop where I usually run on the weekdays.

In Keller I stopped at 55 minutes at a Race Track to get a Gatorade and another little Gatorade energy juice packet thing.  I stopped there because one of my cousins works there and I was gonna say hi.  But I think he was on vacation.  I sat down and I probably stopped for about 10-15 minutes.  When I started back up I felt pretty good.  Well.. good enough.

The run wasn’t easy but I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it.  I just tried not to think too much and keep going until I got my distance in.

And a note on the distance.  I’ve talked about this before but my normal pace is around 9-10 minute miles.  I always round it to 10 since it’s easier to count.  And my goal was to run the distance of a half marathon today, 13.1 miles.  Last week I noticed that on these long runs, after about an hour, my speed slows down some.  So I ran 140 minutes to cover me slowing down and the .1 of a mile I had left to go.

I was so glad to stop but it almost became more painful at that point.  I think that was when I realized how exhausted my legs were.  I’d say they felt like Jello but I couldn’t feel them too well.  I got inside the house and had to lay down on the floor for a few minutes.  My legs still hurt now (at 1 AM) and I know it’ll take a few days to fully recover.

I’m really glad I got to my half mile goal.  I’m not so sure what the goal is now.  I’m thinking I’ll go easy on myself this week, or at least pay good attention to how my body is feeling.  I’d like to keep adding some distance to my long runs but I’d also like to back down some now.  I’ll have to figure all of that out later.  For now I’m just gonna focus on resting.

I was going to take a picture when I hit a half marathon distance but it was dark outside when it happened.  I guess it’s okay.  Hopefully there will be more chances to get there again.

Thanks for reading.

Run Log 47

Thursday  3-24-2011 at 4:37 PM CST         60:17 minutes   est. 6+ miles

Warm day today.  It was 77˚ and it’s gonna get hotter.  I felt stronger today than Monday and Tuesday.  The rest was good.  I still wouldn’t say I felt strong but better for sure.

I’m having to type this one at 2 AM on Friday morning.  I had some things I needed to take care of.  I think I forgot about this for a few hours there.

During the run today I could feel my muscles working hard but I still felt wimpy.  I don’t know if I should blame it all on the heat or not.  It does drain me of energy but I don’t know if it’s the sole reason.  I guess I expect to go out there and feel like I’m improving but today I just felt wussy.  I stopped a couple times.  I guess that’s okay but I always wonder.  Some days when I’m just starting out I don’t get overwhelmed thinking about the miles I’ve got in front of me but other days it kind of flattens me.  Today I was trying to ignore the miles I needed to run but I wasn’t doing a very good job.  It felt like work.

I was thinking about the long run I have planned for Saturday today and wondering if I could do it.  It just sounds impossible with the way the last few runs have gone.  I’m going to rest Friday and try to go out at a good time on Saturday but I really just don’t know what to expect.  I’m gonna try to run 13.1 miles.  That’s the goal I’m giving myself but I’m also planning to be very graceful on myself because I don’t even know if I can do it!  I do think it’s worth a shot.  If I can get a half-marathon-distance in I’ll be impressed with myself.  I don’t know how long it’ll take me.  I’m betting it’ll be around 130 minutes.  Probably closer to 135 or 140 minutes, to be safe.  Just thinking about it makes me tired.  Maybe I shouldn’t think about it so much.

Again, I don’t know what my goal will be after I am able to get to a half marathon.  I said in an earlier blog post that I’m going to keep updating until I get to 100 entries but I may take a break when I hit 50.  I’m curious to see if my runs change any if I’m not writing about them.  Maybe I’ll take a 1 or 2 week break.  I’ll still run but maybe the runs will be easier since I won’t have to think about them so much.

We’ll see what happens, I don’t totally know what my plans are right now.  I’m just taking it one entry at a time.  I’ll try to say something more solid in # 50.

Ta ta.

Run Log 46

Tuesday  3-22-2011 at 3:23 PM CST         40:43  minutes   est. 4+ miles

This is the day I decided that not pushing myself very hard and resting might actually be better for me than trying to keep up my schedule.  I set out today meaning to hit 6 miles but like yesterday it was just a slow mess.  I don’t know how long it takes to recover from long runs (I’m searching the internets right now to find out).  I stopped at 4 miles today.  At first I thought it was going to be a temporary thing but then I decided it was an okay thing.

I don’t want to get burned out of this and I think I’m on a pace to.  I’m enjoying the running but I don’t like when I feel I’m pushing myself harder than I need to.  I really just want it to be a thing where I like going out to run.  I want it to be a good, healthy thing for me, not some over driven, obsessive thing.  I think I’ve kept it in control for the most part but I should probably be careful.  I think the day it starts being a total drag is the day to either quit or really lower my aims.

I did get a solid 4 miles in.  It was another very windy day.  I was just not in the mood to wrestle with it today.  I know it’s a normal thing for runners to have to deal with the wind but it just seems to take the fun out of it sometimes.

I’m not really sure at the moment what my overall goal is.  My temporary goal is to find a pace that I can keep and still wanna keep going.  My weekly goal is to try to rest a little but then try to hit a 13 or 14 mile run on Saturday (if I can).  I need to get my runs in for the week but I may also need to conserve a little.  I don’t know.  I really just want to be able to get out there on Saturday and feel fresh, not already worn out from the week.  I’ll probably shoot for a 6 mile run on Thursday and have some good rest days tomorrow and Friday.  Something like that.

I don’t know, I’m just trying to manage this as I go.  Some days I feel great but today and yesterday were rough.  And I think it’s mostly because I’m still recovering from this weekend.  It’s as simple as that.

Anyway, have a nice night.  I’ll talk at you people Thursday.


Run Log 45

Monday  3-21-2011 at 5:47 PM CST         60:09  minutes   est. 6+ miles

I’ve been wondering again today how long I want to keep up this run log.  It’s feeling beyond repetitive to talk about my runs.  I don’t know if it’s really worth reading.  It’s just basic info.  I don’t know.  Thinkin’ ’bout that.

It was 80˚ when I ran today.  And it was a slow run with quite a bit of wind.  I felt sluggish and I had a tough time enjoying it while it was happening.  I’m not exactly sure why.  I might have still been tired from the 12 miles I put in on Saturday.  I just felt wiped out.  Sometimes I can look around and enjoy the weather if anything but today I felt numb even to that.  I should probably experiment with some different running routes.  I think I like the one I’m on right now mostly because there’s a water fountain and I like taking breaks there every couple of miles.

It seems like the trickiest thing about changing up running routes is having to deal with the traffic.  The streets are always pretty busy around the time I run.  I try to avoid it all because having to keep stopping to wait for lights gets old pretty quickly.  At the mile loop where I usually go I only have to cross about 2 main busy spots where there’s some traffic.  It’s not too bad.

Today just felt so slow.  I was really dragging.  My energy was zapped.  It’s just not that fun to run when you feel that way.  I think my favorite runs are when I feel like I’m really putting in the extra effort and conquering my goals.  Today I felt like I just rolled my way there.  Oh well.

And really, it’s silly to complain about running 6 miles slowly.  That’s still a good thing.  I think my slowness was just bothering me today.

I’m gonna change up a few things for the run tomorrow and hope it is a little more enjoyable.  It’s funny to think of running as enjoyable because it’s really not so much.  It’s exhausting.  But it always feels good afterwards.  I keep wanting it to get easier but it seems to just stay hard.

Gosh.  I’m gonna try to get some rest tonight.  More later..

Run Log 44

Saturday  3-19-2011 at 6:56 PM CST         120:07  minutes   est. 12ish miles

Today started off bumpy.  I watched a dog all Friday night and early Saturday (this) morning and I was going to try to sleep from 6 or 7 to 2 or 3 but I didn’t get to bed until noon.  And that made me wonder about the run.  It kinda got put in Limbo for a little while.

My sleep attempt didn’t work very well and I was ready to get up by 3.  I was still really tired and wondering if running would be a good idea.  I considered going Sunday morning instead.  I laid down again.  The sun was starting to set.  Then I decided to just go for it.  Since it was going to be an extra long run I formulated a plan to run the first half, stop back at the house to get some water and use the facilities, and then go run the rest.

So that’s what I did.  My stop was at 52 minutes (there was also a brief water break at 34 minutes, I should add).  The house break (the one at 52 minutes) lasted probably 8 minutes.  I didn’t know if that was too long.  I didn’t care too much.

My goal was to run another 50 minutes to get to around 10 miles and then maybe push it to 11 or 12, depending on how I was feeling.  I ran to the track by the middle school where I normally run on Saturdays.  When I was about 7 miles into the run this dude with a pony tail joined me on the track and blew right by me.  He was going quick but I kept telling myself it was okay because I had gone pretty far already.  I guess it still bothered me.  I think he lapped me twice (why am I putting this on my blog?!  I can skip this information if I want!!).  He only ran like 3 miles and then he left.  I was like, “heh heh… (cough! cough!)”  I was way past trying to be competitive though.

Now, I have to say that I noticed something while I was running at the track.  I watched my times and I’m not sure if I was going as fast as I normally assume.  I usually think I run about 9.5 minute miles.  I round it up to 10 so I can just measure by my timer when I’m running all over the place.  Well, by the 8th mile I think my miles were taking probably closer to 10.5 or 11 miles.  I was getting sluggish.  So, I don’t know if I quite hit 12 miles because I just stopped at 2 hours.  It was long enough for me by far.

It was still the longest run I’ve ever done in my life.  And I’m proud of that (even though I might be too tired to feel proud).  I was thinking about pushing it to try to get 13.1 miles in but that thinking didn’t last too long.  My heart wasn’t in it today.  Hopefully next week.

And one more note to add before I post.  This was the first run of the year (I’m pretty sure) that I didn’t listen to a podcast or music while I was running.  I took my iPod to use it as a timer but I didn’t play anything through it.  I wanted to see if it changed the run (also I didn’t have time to load up new stuff).  My conclusion is that I ran at about the same speed but I felt a little more bored than normal.  But also, some podcasts just weigh you down mentally for some reason.  I felt pretty good.  I just ran in circles for a while, basically.

Anyway, nice long run and I’m gonna relax a little now.  Thanks for reading.  Bye.