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Update on Music Related Stuff for the Curious

Okay, I need to do a blog entry to tell everybody what’s up with my music things because I keep forgetting to do this.  Let’s see…

1) I started a band with some friends called Maximum Huge.  We’ve been recording songs and making videos.  We were aiming to finish an e.p. but we keep getting distracted with other things.  I think we may have about 5 songs ready to “drop” but I don’t want to make any promises on behalf of the band because… I just don’t know for sure.  It’s kind of a mix between a video making group and a band so sometimes it’s confusing to explain what we’re trying to do.

You can check out our videos on several video sites like youtube, funny or die, break, vimeo and some other places.  We have plans to do some more videos over the summer.

We also have a website but we need to do some work on it.

A lot of my creative energy has been put towards this stuff lately so I haven’t been able to write as much as usual.

2) But I am working on some solo music.  I’d like to finish it sometime this year but I haven’t given myself a deadline yet.  It’s kind of a relief to work on songs alone after going through all the compromises and conversations required with the band.  The solo stuff I can just do at my own pace and it doesn’t have to fit any specific conceptual whatever thing.

I have about 7 or so songs written for it so far but I don’t want to put anything out until I have 20 or 30.  I think what I want to do is just keep on writing until I have around 30 and then pick the best 10.  Something like that.  And I don’t know how long that will take.  So far the songs are all going off in different random directions.  I want to try to have some unity in the next collection but we’ll see.

3) If you are itching for some music I have 9 of my previously released records (some call them demos, I call them records) available for a free download here.  Seriously, there are probably 100 free songs you can get if you follow that link.  They’ve been available FOR FREE since April.  You can have them without paying money.  Does that make sense?  I can’t explain this any better I don’t think.

So to review:

1) Band stuff

2) Solo stuff

3) Free old music

Thanks a lot.  Hope everybody is having a cool summer.  I’m in Texas so I am definitely NOT!




The Human Endeavor lyrics (part 3)

How Longs Can this Go?

My brain has failed me

My music has mailed me

Somewhere that doesn’t exist again

And I can go back, but I want to cut me out

‘Cuz I move and lie to

The true ones I’m bound to

I love them- but I hurt them

They need me but I’ve gotta’ go sing

So how long ’til my young dream dies?

How long ’til I can hide in lies?

Stretch out my longing life

But how long can this go?

How long can this go?

‘Cuz my heart’s all ground up

Like old meat- in the name of love

And it’s too much for a little man

This act has burned me

If I could exit this whole thing

You know I would

I could sleep in such peace

The end is now my dream

(repeat chorus)

Hallelujah, the Human Endeavor

You love me for my potential power. I’ll make you look good for the crowd.

That clever young gentleman just shook my hand, I never will wash it again.

The white KanYe West in electronic flesh.

The sound of the future trumped all our bets

Hallelujah, the human endeavor. Forever and ever, yeah.

La La etc.

I am friends with everybody. We are always hanging out.

Philosophizing and harmonizing every belief in doubt.

All one in one question:

Will Jesus return in our lifetime?

Hallelujah, the human endeavor. Forever and ever, yeah.

La La etc.

I’ll make some money and you make some money and we’ll make a money team.

And we’ll make all of the other money teams cry with our money and money and money.

A joint piggy bank the size of a really big lake.

We’ll buy a bunch of crap and slowly suffocate.

Hallelujah, the human endeavor. Forever and ever, yeah.

La La etc.

I do enjoy you but do I destroy you and would you ever be my friend?

And how close can I get to you and how long can I stay there?

‘Cuz I want you but ah- ah choo.

I lose you but I always want you back.

Hallelujah, the human endeavor. Forever and ever, yeah.

La La etc.

The Human Endeavor lyrics (part 2)

In a Million Years

Pissed off. We’ll make it up. All of the numbness we feel.

All we believe seems still not enough to work it.

Struggle like scratching. Scrape up whatever you can.

Crawl from your dear life into the nearest shadow.

Chip off my fake self. Please show me something pretty

‘Cuz I could make my own hell where the Lord has never sent me

But in a million years my life might make sense

In a million years you’ll believe what I said

In a million years we might finally see

‘Cuz in a million years we might know (whoa)

Someone will find you somewhere you think no one can.

You ain’t so lonely. You’ve got some mighty true friends.

Wait for their warmness. It’s on it’s way to you now.

They’ve got you cornered. They’ll get you feeling rightly.

Chip off my fake self. Please show me something pretty.

‘Cuz I could make my own hell where the Lord has never sent me.

(repeat chorus)

I won’t bungee jump if there’s a safe ladder. I gave up my roller coaster heart.

I am very brave in my imagination. Sometimes I play life like it’s a part.

And I won’t deny that I’m foolish and wise. Often based on how I feel.

I run into friends like I run into walls. I wear a very quiet shield.

My heroes have always been cowboys and preachers.

Everyone I know has been like a teacher.

I make my decisions by how other people think.

Critical eyes often cut me the deepest.

I try very hard to be a wimp for Jesus.

I often feel hope when I’m depressed.

Daily life feels like hard survival.

I live off the fumes of my best.

But if hard work’s the only honesty left I’m like a wanna be wanna be wanna be man.

Paper is a friend that never leaves, never runs when he sees a heart on a sleeve.

But nowhere paper is piling up like an avalanche beginning to budge.

I’m just here to make conversation. What do you think about that?

(repeat chorus)

Star of the Whispers

After the music runs you over

You might get to rethink again

All of the options you threw out

When you weren’t feeling much like a man

It took a little time to come out

But your true words no longer make sense

It took a little while to see

That all that you rip up won’t mend

Oh, the talk of the town

Star of the whispers

The mutt from the pound

To the lowest bidder

Everyone’s out

Of your picture but you

So what are you gonna’ do now?

What are you gonna’ do now?

The crookedest man that you know

Used to make your skin crawl

But he’s the only one still around

The only one still looking proud

And your mother still calls you

She asks when you’re coming home

“Mamma, the dream’s taking a toll on me and I…

I don’t know…”

(repeat chorus)

In the middle of the night you were walking

Up by the hill with that turn

Wondering where you were going

Wondering when you were gonna’ learn

Gazing up high at the white moon

Howling when nobody hears

Dignity sneaks in in the silence

Where no other voice can appear

(repeat chorus)

The Human Endeavor lyrics (part 1)

Never Picked Up

Never gonna’ sing this song again

Stalker on a mission to fit in

Gave you a heart attach when I rung

Your only song had already been sung

You were on my mind but you never picked up

I always thought you’d already had enough

You always made me feel you were right

And I never knew what to do with your light

On my way home

I spotted another soul

We talked for hours

It was my new home

And if I was crazy

She never told me

It made me so happy

It made me so free

I didn’t have to guard a thing

I was no one but me

Every word was so sweet

I was safe in some dream

I never feel righteous about this one

She could trap me, don’t even need a gun

If she was cunning or I fell asleep

My life would be over, the vultures could feast

‘Cuz she is the enemy I want to kiss

I brush my teeth if only for this

She’s got eyes to chain me down

There ain’t nowhere to hide in this town

(repeat chorus)

Memory Drop

We were apart. A part of each other. You were my one and only. I wasn’t just another. And we were like future danger. You made me put my heart on paper. And every song was about you. And everybody we knew knew it.

But I’ve been looking back. I’ve been looking back. I’ve been looking back. I’ve been looking back.

And it’s no good now I know. But sometimes my mind just wanders where I can’t ever find me. Been feeling so far from the others. And you’re like a mile marker. Or maybe my favorite old rest stop. And since I can’t go back to you this is just a memory drop.

(Repeat chorus)

I heard that you had a child. Someone to call you “mamma'”. Heard there’s a real good father who won’t ever be a goner. I heard that your home is happy. But still, do you ever remember me? I’m in this drifty cycle. Still seeking eternal revival.

(repeat chorus)

I Don’t Do Romance

I don’t do romance. I mean that surely. Ain’t that some backwoods dream of the lonelies? You’ve got my number. But don’t ever call me. I’m on the river and out to see.

This competition with all of my brothers is making me a fighter, but I never get wiser. Ain’t there some gray land where I can hold a stand? Why take a prisoner an already-shredded dead man?

Though in the morning I might sing. Stay my term I might get free in a cage with some wings as a curse for my song. God’s been good to me. Sometimes that’s all I know. Everything I’ve seen has told me so.

I don’t go kissing. I don’t wanna’ go missing. I’m giving up fiction but I still had a good time. Making up stories. Acting like the whore-me who never was as boring as the real one.

You wouldn’t listen if I wasn’t a drama queen, cussing at the holy like some I’ve seen. Who’s gonna’ sing this? ‘Cuz I quit eating fists and I woulda’ beat me up quite a while ago.

(repeat chorus)

My paranoia don’t mean to foil ya’. My goodness gracious, love can be so spacious. Leave me alone! Am I talking to myself? All we wanna’ do is just keep even.

(repeat chorus)


I’m not a liar but you wan’t me to lose. You want me to cry about you but I don’t want to.

I don’t wanna cry. I’m not gonna’ lie. So I’m not gonna’ move.

I live in limbo where you’ve got no power. My love’s gone evil. And you can’t fight it ‘cuz you can’t find it.

I don’t wanna’ cry. I’m not gonna’ lie. So I’m not gonna’ move.

My life’s a testimony and I’ll be damned if you are my inspiration. My smile isn’t for you. My feelings are just an imitation.

I don’t wanna’ cry. I’m not gonna’ lie. So I’m not gonna’ move.

Doesn’t it feel good to feel dumb about a woman? I feel dumb about a woman all of the time.

I feel like a child when I want to feel wise. I’ve felt like a child my whole life (2x)

Gospel Fact

I don’t know how to be free. It isn’t natural. I’ve been pinned since I could breathe by love contractual. Gain a mind, fall in time now.

But we’ve nowhere to hide. I’d tell you nicer if hearts didn’t lie. Can you take it straighter? Gospel fact, no looking back, goodbye.

Sanity is gone. The tables are turning. And all of us cowards soon will be devoured.

How many people can you be at the same time? How many sides can you see and not take any? Middle ground shrinks I’ve found. Yeah.

Do you know reality? And do you like her? ‘Cuz she’s got a way to fire breathe at all of the wrong times. She’ll take you down round by round, yeah.
(repeat chorus)

Do you know my friend? His name is Jesus. He was true to the end. And quite uncomfortably. I hate that part where Jesus died, man.

But he came back, did you hear? Who would’ve thunk that? Death might’ve made his words less clear if it pinned him. He said he was God some found that odd. Yeah.

(repeat chorus)