Wes Anderson and Richard Scarry Parallels

This is my own comment concerning this artice: ( http://www.movingimagesource.us/articles/the-substance-of-style-pt-1-20090330 )

It has to do with the influences of film director Wes Anderson.

You see, one day as I flipped through the pages of Richard Scarry’s Best Word Book Ever, I could not ignore the obvious similarities between Scarry’s and Anderson’s work.

Here we have pages and pages of different scenes filled with animal characters.  Let’s begin:

1) There is a factory (Bottle Rocket) (Actually, someone double check this one, I am not 100% on it)

2) There is a school (Rushmore)

3) There is a downtown city and a house (The Royal Tenenbaums)

4) There is a cross section of a boat (The Life Aquatic)

5) There is a train (The Darjeeling Limited)

6) There is a farmhouse ( Fantastic Mr. Fox)


In conclusion.. if my literary calculations are correct we are due a film about firefighting (though I myself might beat Anderson to the punch with this one..), Buses, Airplaines… and… well, I did hear Anderson say once that his next movie might be set in space…. If he makes this film my theory might completely unravel..

Time will be the teller..  All we have now is patience.

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