Photos From My Trip to Boston

I went to Boston this weekend for the wedding of my good friends Brandon and Marianna. I’ve known Brandon since he was a baby and often tell people that he was named after me when I was 2 (my middle name is Brandon). This is a lie but I’ve tried to spread it for years.

These are some pictures from the weekend. The wedding was Sunday. Monday I went with some other friends (the Carters) to visit Jack Kerouac’s grave. Then we went to Bunker Hill. Then we almost went to a game at Fenway Park but… Well, we ended up walking around instead. And Brandon and Marianna met up with us too.

I should probably go through and caption these but I got up about 3:45 this morning and I’m just really tired. And probably napping when you read this. Enjoy.


This is a list of links where you can find my stuff on the internet:

This is a list of links where you can find my stuff on the internet:

And keep in mind these are not in any special order. In fact, I think the last one is especially cool

twitter – My personal twitter feed where I post new information as well as momentary musings that may or may not make your life better.

Scribd. – I post a lot of longer written things here like screenplays and there’s a music journal thing I did on there. I’m really proud of this stuff. I’m hoping to put more on here as I complete some things.

youtube – This is my personal youtube account where I post occasional videos. I haven’t updated it a ton recently but you just never know when I’m gonna want to make a new video.

bandcamp – This is where you can find 10 of my albums. At the time of this posting they are all available for FREE download. Read the previous sentence again and realize for a moment what that means. You’re welcome. If you don’t wanna own the music and just wanna listen, you can do that too.

soundcloud – This is my soundcloud page, which probably is my 2nd most updated internet site (after twitter). I like to post random new songs here. You never know what you’ll find.

wordpress – This is the blog you’re reading, obviously. Included for posterity.

tumblr – I got bored with my wordpress blog and started a tumblr on the side. There’s some stuff to read here but I need to update it sometime.

myspace – Whoa, I guess I still have one of these. It hasn’t been updated in a while, and I can’t remember my password so this is probably how it will stay until the end of time. There’s some music on it that probably isn’t available anywhere else though. So that’s cool.

Maximum Huge – I’m in a band that’s kind of a comedy concept band that exists to make entertaining videos. This is our main website. One cool thing to note is that if you go to the page there’s a link you can click to get a free download of our e.p. from the Summer of 2011. But you’re gonna have to find it yourself.

Maximum Huge Youtube – We have videos on and and some other places but this is our group’s big, main page. We have around 60 videos to watch. 60. Videos. You heard that right. If you have some time and you feel like being entertained, spend some time over there. The link goes straight to where all the videos are. Pretty awesome.

If I remember any other of my pages I’ll hurry back to this entry and do an update.

Lots of Tweets Crammed into One Internet Place!!

I was doing that thing where I opened up twitter and wanted to just keep on typing stuff so I moved over to the non 140-character blog, where there’s extra space and what not. 

I feel busy today, but really I’m just sitting here in my room thinking about stuff. This is my favorite place to be and thing to do. The problem is that there’s sooo much to think about and sometimes even when I’m sitting here quiet and by myself I still feel overwhelmed by all the things I could be working on. Let’s see here…

– I need to finish an outline for an episode of a TV show I made up with a friend (Episode 6! To round out a whole season!). These outlines are long. Like 10 to 12 pages and very detailed. We pack it in tight in the outline stage so we don’t have to B.S. too much when we get to the scripting part. We’ll have each page broken down to where we know about 8 or 10 things that happen. 8 beats per page. The goal is to hit about 33 pages with the script. And this is the last outline we’re gonna do. We’re mostly done with the pilot script, but since it’s so much work it was decided to just do detailed outlines for the other 5 episodes and wait until later (if we need them) to write the full fledged versions.. So, when I finish this outline it’ll be the end of a big part of the project and I can take a sweet break. Yes. 

– I also have this solo album I’m working on. Shh.. I’ve got 9 songs demoed at this point. I’d like to have 15-20 before I start some more serious recording. Then later I can just narrow it down to the best 10 or so. I have an idea to try to spend a week recording each song. I’ve never done that before but I was just thinking that maybe I could figure out some more interesting ways to make the songs sound, I don’t know. I’m not really giving myself a deadline with this. I was curious to see how the songs would turn out if I didn’t hurry. I think I’ve got some good beginnings going. I have one song that might be close to finished, though I’ll probably give it another crack so I’ll have some options.

– Also, I need to finish the 3rd Hunger Games book. I finished the first two in a week each but this last one is kind of dragging. I think my heart has already moved on or something.. I like the big story in it and it has good characters but I just don’t care about the love triangle stuff like I feel I’m supposed to. I feel like I’m supposed to cry when Katniss gets upset with Peeta but I can’t figure out how to worry about their situation. I just want them to beat the Capital. 

– In addition to all of this, I rented the DVD of the first season of Justified last night and I kind of just want to watch it instead of do all this other stuff. I’ve been meaning to see this show but I’m always way behind. And it’s not streaming on Netflix and I don’t want to buy the DVD.. Yeah. (I think about things like this most of the time).

– One thing I’m proud of is I went to the grocery store this morning. You know how some weeks you just don’t wanna go buy food but you know you’ll get hungry so you just go and deal with the annoying feeling? That’s how it was. 

I have to go do junk now. Thanks for being my sounding board, invisible internet people.

My Favorite Albums (Off the Top of My Head)

These are my favorite albums off the top of my head. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. And they aren’t in any special order, just in order of how I remember them to write them down.

Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco

Pinkerton by Weezer

Graceland by Paul Simon

Achtung Baby by U2

In the Aeroplane Over the Sea by Neutral Milk Hotel

MTV Unplugged in New York by Nirvana

Kid A by Radiohead

The Eraser by Thom Yorke

Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys

There are a million great albums that I enjoy but these few seemed to hit me in personal ways so as to change the way I think about music and everything else. Some inspired me to want to write songs, some challenged my ideas of what songs can be or mean. Some albums I’ve enjoyed seem to occupy a nice place in my imagination but these are essentials for me.

Went and Saw The Avengers Last Night


Last night I went and watched the 12:01 AM showing of The Avengers at one of the local theaters. It was poorly planned. I thought about it but didn’t know if I’d go. Then I heard that like 8 guys I know were going so I decided to try. I got to the theater about 11:30 with the plan to just go home if it was sold out, but luckily they had it playing on about 10 screens. I even got some popcorn and a Coke. I think I spent over $8 at the concession stand. I felt like an idiot. One happy idiot.

I’ve seen all the previous movies. In fact, I just watched Captain America on Sunday in preparation. This was the best movie out of all of them. It was fun to see everybody together, fighting evil and saving the world and everything. I got in the theater late (dumb) and had to sit pretty close to the screen. This is one of the big movie-going sins in my opinion. I’m one of those guys who wants to sit exactly in the middle of the theater if possible. Or, I just don’t like having to turn my head to see where the Hulk threw somebody. If I go again, I’m definitely getting there early.

I don’t think the movie needs my recommending to get anybody to see it but I would recommend it anyway. It was a lot of fun. A movie worth seeing at night and getting popcorn for. 


This is a blog but not THE blog I was talking about before

Shoot! I was going to take some time, really sit down and get the brain moving on a sweet blog. But I’ve got some stuff happening and time is like a hour glass and running out of sand for the blog. But I’ll try to get to this sometime later. Heck, maybe even tonight. I don’t know.

You never know where this life is gonna take you.

Probably gonna blog sometime soon (again)

Just another reminder, similar to the one yesterday. I’m probably going to be blogging at some point this weekend. I know everybody gets busy on the weekend with family time and recreational commitments and yes, even work. But somewhere in there I’m going to probably post a blog on the internet and I just wanted to make sure you were aware of it beforehand. Don’t want anybody to miss out if it’s something they’re interested in, you know. #commonknowledge

I still don’t quite know what the blog will be about. What can I say, I like to improvise this stuff. Maybe I’ll figure something out by Saturday morning. Heck, it could even be Sunday evening by the time this happens. There’s really no telling when the muse is going to strike. Maybe Saturday night. Just, you know, probably within the 48 hours of the weekend, if you don’t count Friday as the weekend. Some don’t. I usually do but for this I won’t. #rewritingtherules

Well, gotta go put on the old thinking cap and figure out what to talk to ya’ll about. Can’t just make this stuff up. #blogsarenteasy