This is a list of links where you can find my stuff on the internet:

This is a list of links where you can find my stuff on the internet:

And keep in mind these are not in any special order. In fact, I think the last one is especially cool

twitter – My personal twitter feed where I post new information as well as momentary musings that may or may not make your life better.

Scribd. – I post a lot of longer written things here like screenplays and there’s a music journal thing I did on there. I’m really proud of this stuff. I’m hoping to put more on here as I complete some things.

youtube – This is my personal youtube account where I post occasional videos. I haven’t updated it a ton recently but you just never know when I’m gonna want to make a new video.

bandcamp – This is where you can find 10 of my albums. At the time of this posting they are all available for FREE download. Read the previous sentence again and realize for a moment what that means. You’re welcome. If you don’t wanna own the music and just wanna listen, you can do that too.

soundcloud – This is my soundcloud page, which probably is my 2nd most updated internet site (after twitter). I like to post random new songs here. You never know what you’ll find.

wordpress – This is the blog you’re reading, obviously. Included for posterity.

tumblr – I got bored with my wordpress blog and started a tumblr on the side. There’s some stuff to read here but I need to update it sometime.

myspace – Whoa, I guess I still have one of these. It hasn’t been updated in a while, and I can’t remember my password so this is probably how it will stay until the end of time. There’s some music on it that probably isn’t available anywhere else though. So that’s cool.

Maximum Huge – I’m in a band that’s kind of a comedy concept band that exists to make entertaining videos. This is our main website. One cool thing to note is that if you go to the page there’s a link you can click to get a free download of our e.p. from the Summer of 2011. But you’re gonna have to find it yourself.

Maximum Huge Youtube – We have videos on and and some other places but this is our group’s big, main page. We have around 60 videos to watch. 60. Videos. You heard that right. If you have some time and you feel like being entertained, spend some time over there. The link goes straight to where all the videos are. Pretty awesome.

If I remember any other of my pages I’ll hurry back to this entry and do an update.

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