Went and Saw The Avengers Last Night


Last night I went and watched the 12:01 AM showing of The Avengers at one of the local theaters. It was poorly planned. I thought about it but didn’t know if I’d go. Then I heard that like 8 guys I know were going so I decided to try. I got to the theater about 11:30 with the plan to just go home if it was sold out, but luckily they had it playing on about 10 screens. I even got some popcorn and a Coke. I think I spent over $8 at the concession stand. I felt like an idiot. One happy idiot.

I’ve seen all the previous movies. In fact, I just watched Captain America on Sunday in preparation. This was the best movie out of all of them. It was fun to see everybody together, fighting evil and saving the world and everything. I got in the theater late (dumb) and had to sit pretty close to the screen. This is one of the big movie-going sins in my opinion. I’m one of those guys who wants to sit exactly in the middle of the theater if possible. Or, I just don’t like having to turn my head to see where the Hulk threw somebody. If I go again, I’m definitely getting there early.

I don’t think the movie needs my recommending to get anybody to see it but I would recommend it anyway. It was a lot of fun. A movie worth seeing at night and getting popcorn for. 


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