I Can Watch TV: Thunder Cats and The Simpsons

– Okay, so I watched the new ThunderCats.  I think it was good.  I was obsessed with the older version as a kid and it’s been a while since I’ve watched much of it (though Cartoon Network DID air a few episodes the other day and I got to watch them).  One thing I was reminded of was how evil Mumm-Ra is.  I remember when I was a kid some parents wouldn’t let their children watch the show because of the “evil” in it.  I’m thinking with the new one some parents are FORCING their kids to watch it.  I mean, I’m sure that’s happening.

– I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been rewatching early episodes of The Simpsons.  I found the 1st season on dvd at Half Price Books the other day for about $10.  It’s been so long but I wanted to see some of those episodes again.  My feelings towards The Simpsons have changed over the years.  I used to love it, then I got bored with it, now I watch it every once in a while just to see what’s going on.  Honestly, I think the quality is still pretty good.  I think having seen hundreds of episodes it’s like I’ve been rubbed numb about it.

I think I’ve rewatched the first 8 now.  It’s funny because it brings back memories of being in 5th grade and seeing kids wearing Bart Simpson shirts and thinking he was so cool.  I was one of the kids who wasn’t allowed to watch the show initially but I remember watching it anyway when I got a chance.  It felt so edgy.  These days the show looks almost innocent compared to all the prime time cartoons that have come since.  I’ve been enjoying how raw the show used to be.  Many of the characters had different hair colors and names and voices when they first showed up.  You can tell the writers and animators were figuring it out as they went.


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