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Thursday, July 21, 2011 5:47 PM

I’ve been sitting here at my computer all day (and maybe night) because I’m having to back up all of my files.  I downloaded Lion yesterday and was so excited to install it but I kept running into an error that wouldn’t let me put it on my computer.  Finally in the middle of the night last night a friend who knows much more about computers than I do let me know that the error is actually fatal.  In other words, my hard drive is on it’s last leg.  And it’s past warrantee so… that’s fun.

But I’ve been going through and backing up all of my stuff since yesterday.  I went through a lot of music recordings last night.   Now I’m going through my iTunes.  I should do this more often but of course I keep putting it off.  I tried to figure out Time Machine but it wasn’t making sense for me.

But I say all of that to say that I’ve been stuck at my computer since yesterday morning and I thought maybe I should do a blog while I’m here, while I’m camping.  I don’t think I’ve done one in a little while.  Sometimes I like blogging and sometimes I don’t.  That’s how it goes.  I used to try to write about the things I’m working on but I don’t want to do that so much here because I don’t want to spoil anything. And I don’t wanna make any promises about making things I never end up finishing.

So what can I say?  Hmm…

I am working on things (other than backing up these files).

– I recently finished a project that took me a few months and I’m gonna go back through it soon and try to decide if it’s something I want to share with the public or not.

– I have a music project (or 2) in various stages of completion and incompletion.  I don’t know when or if they’ll get done and put out.  I’m trying to keep putting some steady time into it.

– If you’ve read this blog recently you know that I’m involved with a band/creative group called Maximum Huge.  Become a fan of us on facebook or follow us on twitter to learn more.  There’s actually A LOT happening over there these days.

I’m really just blogging this to keep me from tweeting 50 times in a row.  That’s what the point is here.

Oh yeah, another thing I’m excited about is stories.  I have a story I’m trying to write.  I’d like it to ultimately be in screenplay form but I’m in the breaking and outlining phase right now.  There’s a cork board directly to the right of me where I’ve mapped out the Acts on Post-it Notes.  I’ve got a 30 cent notebook on the other side of me where I’m scribbling all of my thoughts and plans for it.  It’s tedious but writing always is.  I think what I’m most excited about is the fact that I have a plan on how to pull this story off.  I mean I have a writing strategy.  A schedule of writing assignments if you will.  And I think I may even understand it.  This is a great thing because it means that instead of just having a blank notebook and the intention to write something in it (like what often happens), I have a story map and a clear direction.  This is the right way to write these longer things but for some reason I rarely do it this way.  I’m usually trying to cut corners or figure out the easiest way to do things.  But I’ve learned that it just doesn’t work.  Sometimes these writing projects just take a lot of time and persistance.  Actually, “persistance” is the golden word here.  But it’s nice to know that I have a plan that has a definite beginning, middle and end and if I just PERSIST I’ll eventually get to the end.  I don’t know how long it will take but I do know that eventually I will definitely get there.  The ending is not just a vague hope.  It’s a real, precise thing.  And that is comforting.

That’s where my brain is.

Okay.  My brain is leaving now.  Goodbye.

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