Run Log 49

Monday  3-28-2011 at 4:49 PM CST         60:08 minutes    est. 6+ miles

I think the weather today was perfect for running.  It was about 63˚, which didn’t feel too cold once I got going.  Not much wind.  That was a big plus.  I thought I’d be more tired from my run on Saturday but I felt fine.  I just listened to my This American Life podcast and trucked along (by the way, it was a worthwhile show to listen to on the topic of drug and alcohol addiction and recovery — you can hear it here).

Before I ran I decided to not have a real goal other than to just go.  I was prepared to stop early if I needed to.  But I felt fine.  Not much more to say about that.

I’m thinking tomorrow is going to be my last entry in the Run Log.  I was planning to do this until I either hit 50 or 100 entries or if I ran a half marathon distance.  And by tomorrow I’ll have done 2 of those so I think it’ll be an okay time to wrap it up.   I’m pretty sure it’ll be a permanent ending but if a little time passes and I’m itching to write more about my running I may start it up again.  But I don’t know.

I won’t quit running, I’m just gonna stop talking about it on the internet every time I do.  I’m curious to see if it’ll make the runs easier or not.  I do think it’ll be nice to not have to think about blogging.   And maybe, just maybe, I can find a different subject to write about.   I’d like to keep writing this often.  I just need to to figure out the right topic.


So, see ya’ll tomorrow one last time for running talk.  Good night!

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