Run Log 48

Saturday  3-26-2011 at 6:04 PM CST         140:20 minutes    est. 13.5 miles

Wow, I finally hit my big goal distance today.  I ran for 2 hours, 20 minutes and 20 seconds.  And no, it wasn’t straight through.  I had to stop my timer to walk a few times and wait at lights.  I only ran the timer when I was actually running.  I went all the way to Keller and back and then I ran the last 2 miles at the mile loop where I usually run on the weekdays.

In Keller I stopped at 55 minutes at a Race Track to get a Gatorade and another little Gatorade energy juice packet thing.  I stopped there because one of my cousins works there and I was gonna say hi.  But I think he was on vacation.  I sat down and I probably stopped for about 10-15 minutes.  When I started back up I felt pretty good.  Well.. good enough.

The run wasn’t easy but I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it.  I just tried not to think too much and keep going until I got my distance in.

And a note on the distance.  I’ve talked about this before but my normal pace is around 9-10 minute miles.  I always round it to 10 since it’s easier to count.  And my goal was to run the distance of a half marathon today, 13.1 miles.  Last week I noticed that on these long runs, after about an hour, my speed slows down some.  So I ran 140 minutes to cover me slowing down and the .1 of a mile I had left to go.

I was so glad to stop but it almost became more painful at that point.  I think that was when I realized how exhausted my legs were.  I’d say they felt like Jello but I couldn’t feel them too well.  I got inside the house and had to lay down on the floor for a few minutes.  My legs still hurt now (at 1 AM) and I know it’ll take a few days to fully recover.

I’m really glad I got to my half mile goal.  I’m not so sure what the goal is now.  I’m thinking I’ll go easy on myself this week, or at least pay good attention to how my body is feeling.  I’d like to keep adding some distance to my long runs but I’d also like to back down some now.  I’ll have to figure all of that out later.  For now I’m just gonna focus on resting.

I was going to take a picture when I hit a half marathon distance but it was dark outside when it happened.  I guess it’s okay.  Hopefully there will be more chances to get there again.

Thanks for reading.

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