Run Log 45

Monday  3-21-2011 at 5:47 PM CST         60:09  minutes   est. 6+ miles

I’ve been wondering again today how long I want to keep up this run log.  It’s feeling beyond repetitive to talk about my runs.  I don’t know if it’s really worth reading.  It’s just basic info.  I don’t know.  Thinkin’ ’bout that.

It was 80˚ when I ran today.  And it was a slow run with quite a bit of wind.  I felt sluggish and I had a tough time enjoying it while it was happening.  I’m not exactly sure why.  I might have still been tired from the 12 miles I put in on Saturday.  I just felt wiped out.  Sometimes I can look around and enjoy the weather if anything but today I felt numb even to that.  I should probably experiment with some different running routes.  I think I like the one I’m on right now mostly because there’s a water fountain and I like taking breaks there every couple of miles.

It seems like the trickiest thing about changing up running routes is having to deal with the traffic.  The streets are always pretty busy around the time I run.  I try to avoid it all because having to keep stopping to wait for lights gets old pretty quickly.  At the mile loop where I usually go I only have to cross about 2 main busy spots where there’s some traffic.  It’s not too bad.

Today just felt so slow.  I was really dragging.  My energy was zapped.  It’s just not that fun to run when you feel that way.  I think my favorite runs are when I feel like I’m really putting in the extra effort and conquering my goals.  Today I felt like I just rolled my way there.  Oh well.

And really, it’s silly to complain about running 6 miles slowly.  That’s still a good thing.  I think my slowness was just bothering me today.

I’m gonna change up a few things for the run tomorrow and hope it is a little more enjoyable.  It’s funny to think of running as enjoyable because it’s really not so much.  It’s exhausting.  But it always feels good afterwards.  I keep wanting it to get easier but it seems to just stay hard.

Gosh.  I’m gonna try to get some rest tonight.  More later..

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