Run Log 38

Note:  Please let me know if you want me to keep doing this Run Log.  I’m trying to decide right now if I’m going to do 50 entries or 100 entries.  I don’t mind continuing but I never know if anybody is even reading these things so it might be silly to keep doing it.  I’m enjoying it and I’m not going to quit running when I quit this blog.  I’m just needing to know what other people think.  So if you like this and want me to keep writing about my runs then PLEASE say something.  Thanks!   And now back to your regularly scheduled blog entry.


Wednesday  3-9-2011 at 3:19 PM CST          60:05  minutes   est. 6+ miles

Alright, I was able to get things more together today on my first Wednesday run of 2011.  I couldn’t go yesterday because I had some recording to do and it was an all day affair.  I guess I could’ve tried it afterwards but I’m not that ambitious.

It was a nice day today other than it being WINDY.  There was so much wind, it was crazy.  I didn’t have a huge goal.  I wanted to try 6 miles but I wasn’t sure how far I could get.  I had a hard time getting started today.  I kept putting it off and thinking of excuses.  But then I sat down and told myself very simply that I can’t be a runner if I don’t run.  That’s the very basic reality of it.  I kept thinking that maybe I needed to go through some sort of mental process to get me in the mood.  But that’s not what I needed.  I needed to put on my shoes and get out the door!

My only goal today was to run and I went pretty slow for most of it.  The wind definitely helped that.  I took it in mile increments until I got to 35 minutes and then I just told myself to go 2 more laps (one lap equals a mile where I was) and then start running home for about 5 minutes.  And that filled up the last part of the run.

I was so glad to finally get a good solid hour of running in after this spotty weekend.  I’ve been concerned.  And the only way to silence that concern was to just run.  And other than having to keep fighting the wind it was an enjoyable run.  I felt wrung out when I was done but I also felt like I could’ve gone further if I wanted.  I like invigorating runs where you can feel it all over.  It feels good to get your blood pumping and then keep it that way for a little while.  I think that’s why I wanted to keep going.  After a certain point you just get used to moving and you’re not so concerned with just getting out there, you are just enjoying the run itself.  That’s where I was getting to today.  It seems to take me at least 40 minutes to get to that point usually.  But I do love the last half of runs.  I love when the ends are in sight and the distance in front of you isn’t such an overwhelming thought in your mind.  You just have to keep going.  That’s really the only way to get there.  I love how simple that fact is.

I’m hoping to get a long run in on Saturday.  I did 10 miles 2 Saturdays ago and I’d like to either hit that or maybe 11 or 12.  I’m getting really close to running the length of a half marathon.  I’d like to make that sometime before April.  I usually go easy on myself with my goals but that one actually sounds realistic.  Hopefully I can get there within the next couple of weeks.  I don’t want to talk about it too much because I’ve never gone that far and I don’t wanna jinx it.  Yeah.  I’m knocking on wood right now.

Today’s run restored a lot of my hope that I can pull this all off.  I think the break was actually pretty good.  But now I’ve gotta get back into the full swing of things.

On one kind of cool note, I found out that a singer/songwriter I really like is going to be running the LA Marathon on the 20th of this month.  It’s Ben Gibbard from Death Cab for Cutie and The Postal Service.  He’s running for a charity and you can make donations at this site if you so choose.  That was pretty cool to hear.  Us songwriters are hardcore.

Thanks for reading and like the note at the top says, please let me know if you read this Run Log and want me to keep it up.  As long as it’s not just me talking to myself I think it’ll be worth it.  But I have no idea if other people are reading this.  Yeah.

More later.




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