Run Log 36

Thursday  3-3-2011 at 4:43 PM CST          40:28  minutes   est. 4+ miles

Okay, today was a little off.  Or I’m just being lazy here.  I was shooting for 60 minutes but I quit after 40 and normally I talk myself into getting back into it but that didn’t happen today.  I guess I’ve been a little busier than usual.  I try to have very little to do each day but today I had 5 things to do instead of 2 or 3 and it seemed to throw me for a loop.

Or I was just tired.  That’s probably it.

It was really nice out again.  The temperature was 75˚.  The only issue I ran into was some killer wind.  I don’t know if it blows the same direction every day or what but there’s a section on my mile loop that is ALWAYS windy.  Every other part of that loop is pretty easy but that part is definitely NOT.  And it was blowing right in my ear today.  I think that made it seem like it was blowing harder.  ‘Cuz it was louder and..  Yeah.

To be honest I’m feeling a little disappointed in myself today.  I just didn’t have much fight in me.  I think it’s hard to get out there and want to run every day.  Today felt even trickier.  I was a pushover.

I was hoping to ramp up for this weekend and try to do a long Saturday run but I’m not sure what to expect right now.  I’m going on a trip on Saturday and I won’t be back until Sunday.  I might run before we leave or after we get there.  I don’t know.  I don’t like having to cram too many things into one day.  I think I already mentioned that.  I may try to do a run tomorrow (Friday) or Sunday to make up for it.  I’m thinking that the long run goal might be too much to hope for this weekend.  We’ll see.

I’ll be glad when this mood passes.  I’m just not wanting to think about running right now but I kinda need to to keep regular with it.  I almost want to take a week off to get off my mind.  I’ll probably feel different after I get some sleep, that’s just how I’m thinking right now.

Hmm… that reminds me.. I’m gonna go sleep now.

Peace to the knees..


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