Here’s how you can listen to and download my NEW podcast

Tuesday, 3-1-2011          12:30ish AM

Okay, this started around May of last year (2010).  I got a new computer and I decided I wanted to try to do a podcast because I’ve enjoyed listening to several ever since I discovered what podcasts are.  My goal was to record 8 podcasts to have in reserve before I did a “premiere” but I only got 4 done.  And I forgot about it for a while.

Well, last night I was piddling around in iTunes on my computer and rediscovered the recordings and listened to them again.  Now, I can’t say these are the most exciting things to hear but I thought maybe a few people might be entertained by them.  Others I’m sure will be very bored.

The podcasts are each around 30 minutes and so far they’re just me rambling about TV shows I like and stuff like that.  They’re not very high energy but some of them have sound effects.  Oh and I played some songs on a couple of the podcasts.  They may or may not serve as sleeping aides.  I almost put myself to sleep listening to them last night.

So listen at your own leisure.  My plan right now is to post one episode a week on either Monday or Tuesday.  I don’t have a ton of available hours in my SoundCloud account so the episodes may only stay online for a week or 2.  This means that if you enjoy them and want to listen to them later on you’ll have to download them.  And I’ll click the box that makes them downloadable (note to self).

This is really just for the fun of it.  If anybody has any thoughts then let me know.  I’ve only recorded 4 episodes so far (ALL from last summer).  I may do more depending on how well the first ones go over.

I’ll quit typing now so you can enjoy Jeff Grant’s Rambling Podcast: Episode 1 in all it’s sweet embedded glory.  Press the down arrow to download.  If you want to listen on your computer just hit the white right-pointing arrow inside the orange circle.

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