Run Log 33

Saturday  2-26-2011 at 5:08 PM CST          101:54  minutes   est. 10+ miles

I’m just gonna come right out and say it.  I ran farther today than I ever have in my life.  The nearly 102 minutes did include a 10 minute pee and Gatorade break but in my own little running world it still counts.

My goal going in was to go for 85-90 minutes, which by my speed would put me at about 9 miles.  And I had never made it to 9 miles before today either.  I didn’t know if I could even make it that far.  So my secret goal was to try to make it to 9 but maybe go 10 if I thought I could make it.  And I did.  So I did.

The weather was cooperating today.  It was around 76˚.   I only had wind trouble at one spot.  The run started going towards the mile loop where I often run.  I circled it twice and then ran to another park that I call “the baseball loop”.  I circled that one twice too and then I ran to the track by the middle school where I usually run on Saturdays.  I got there at 50 minutes in and ran one mile.  Then I ran to a gas station down the road to use the restroom and get my Gatorade.   I had a theory that if I drank the Gatorade then the electrolytes would replenish my energy (I didn’t make up that theory… I probably just read it online or something).  One thing I forgot about was that the gas station I went to has a restaurant in it so when I walked in it was like walking into Chili’s all sweaty and in running shorts.  I kept apologizing to people who were standing around waiting for their tables so they could eat.  I tried to not bump into them (wouldn’t that be gross!).  But geez, it was a gas station too, so… I just peed quick and got my Gatorade quick and went and sat on a bench outside to drink it.  I’d paused my time at 65 minutes.  I took a couple breathers and hit the road again.

I felt refreshed after the break.  I need to remember to drink more in the middle of my runs.  I know that will give me more stamina.  And I have to say that the last 3 or so miles of the day felt like the easiest.  The first few are rough to get through because all you can think about is how you have to run 8 more miles or whatever.  It’s a mental thing and it makes mile 2 and 3 feel harder.  But nearing the end I felt like a burden had been lifted and it all just seemed more realistic and not so scary.

The sun set during the last half hour of the run.  I wasn’t paying much attention though.  I was just trying to keep my head in the right place.  I have a habit when I run to count.  I’ll count to 100 and then start over.  I probably counted to 100 over 20 times today.  It seems like it’s more to help me keep my pace.  I’ll usually count every fourth step or so.  It’s not something I ever thought about, I just started doing it one day.  And I can’t remember when that was.  I think it also helps me focus on keeping my momentum and breathing right.

I was really excited to break my own personal record today.  It makes me excited for the future because I’m hoping to continue making it further.

I should add that this weekend is the Cowtown Marathon here in Fort Worth.  They had the 5 and 10 K runs this morning.  The marathon and half marathon are tomorrow morning.  My goal all last year was to try to work up to running the half marathon but I lost some of my momentum around the holidays.  I was wondering if I could still make it but I think I’m about a month late.  Something like that.  I’m hoping to try to run 13.1 miles at some point in the near future.  I’d like to make it that far.  It’s funny because I wasn’t too far from that today.  Next weekend I might try to do 11 or 12 miles.  I don’t know.  I never know if I’m going to make it as far as I’m aiming.  It would be awesome if I just made it 10 again.  We’ll see.

I feel happy about the run.  I’m trying to pay more and more attention to my diet when I’m doing this because I know that eating certain foods can really pay off on the pavement.  Also, running makes pigging out much less stressful.  So this is all helping me enjoy my days off pretty well.

Alright, that’s all I got.  Thanks for reading.  See ya’ll Monday!

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