Run Log 30

Monday  2-21-2011 at 4:31 PM CST          60:19 minutes   est. 6+ miles

Just to be clear, if I was somehow able to write these entries while I was running they would go like this:

“Uh…………………… I’m really tired…..  (huff)…… I don’t like this……  I don’t think I can….do this….. why am I…….doing this? ……. I don’t want to……..think about this…….right now (huff)….. this………………….sucks…… ”

By the time I write these blogs have had enough time to catch my breath and calm down but don’t think these runs are easy.  Today was a tough one for sure.  It was 59˚ with some strongish winds blowing.  My goal was to get to 60 minutes but it was a round about trip getting there.  I got 30 minutes in and didn’t know how much further I could go.  I decided to get to 40 and then decide.  I actually started getting mildly into the run after 40 minutes (go figure).  I just took it in 10 minute increments after that.  Well, sort of.  I got to 48 minutes and had to walk again.  Then I powered through that.

I just want to be clear that this hasn’t been very easy.  I don’t know how it reads.  I don’t know if I’m making it sound like all of this running is easy or not.  The truth is that I’m feeling burned out and sore but I want to keep going.  And it’s a fight.  And I don’t necessarily feel like I’m winning this fight.  A lot of this running just makes me feel like a wimp.  I’m not running to break any speed records, I just want to work on my endurance.  I feel that this has been better for my heart than anything else.

I’m writing this blog right after my run.  I usually shower beforehand, so my hands are a little sweaty still.  I was wanting to see if having the run a little fresher on my mind would make writing about it easier.  I can’t tell yet.  I’ll have to go back and read this later.

Each time I run I try to pay attention to myself and what’s going well and what’s not going so well.  I think today would’ve been better if I’d eaten a little more before I left.  That’s something I need to think about more.  I like to eat but I don’t eat a whole lot all the time.  Sometimes I forget to eat ‘cuz I’m easily distracted.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat.  Maybe I need to tie a bow around my finger or something.

I’m thinking I might go to the library tonight.  I haven’t been in almost 2 weeks (crazy!).  This weekend I got started watching The Wire on DVD.  I’m really into it.  I’ll probably try to finish the first season tonight after my library time.  But right now I’ve gotta take a shower ‘cuz I’m feeling a little nasty.

Rock on.

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