Run Log 28

Thursday  2-17-2011 at 4:20 PM CST          60:33 minutes   est. 6+ miles

This could be a very quick entry.  I’m doing it late.  I got my run in at the normal time but my night was busy.  Or… sorta busy.  It was TV night.  So I’m finally getting to the blog right now at about 2 AM.  Oh well.

The run today was good and long.  And it wasn’t straight through.  I ran 40 minutes and then walked to half a mile.  Then I started up on the back 20 and had to stop half way through that because I had to go to the bathroom VERY bad.  I read in a running book how a guy takes antidiarrhetics (might be saying that wrong) before he runs so he won’t get the runs.  Maybe I’ll try something like that.  But I probably won’t.

After my break I finished out the last 10 minutes.  I felt good and tired.  I think I should’ve eaten a little more before I went because I don’t think I had much food fuel in me to burn.  I need to remember things like that.

I also need to remember to stretch more.  I keep forgetting and I think it would help things.

Also, I’ve got some good blisters coming in.

What else do I need to stay here before I go to bed (really I’m gonna watch Breaking Bad)?  Well, I’m gonna shoot for a long run on Saturday.  After today I’m a little nervous.  It might be a very slow long run.  It might require several breaks.  I don’t want to destroy myself (even though that’s kinda the point).

Dang.  I have nothing else to say.  More later.

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