Run Log 27

Tuesday  2-15-2011 at 2:51 PM CST          41:02 minutes   est. 4+ miles

The weather today was just about as nice as it was yesterday.  76˚.  There was some wind blowing pretty hard that posed a challenge.  My original goal was to do 60 minutes but I really wasn’t feeling it.  I was more tired from yesterday’s run then I realized.  I had to stop 25 minutes in to catch my breath and think.  I walked a half a mile and then I ran another 15 minutes to get 40 in.  That seemed okay for today.

I’m hoping I can get to 60 minutes on Thursday.  I think I talked about all of this in yesterday’s entry.  If the weather is like it was today and yesterday then I should be able to pull that off.  I haven’t seen a 5 day forecast yet.

I was sapped (or is it zapped?) today.  I didn’t have much energy.  My muscles were having to really work to get through the run.  I’m writing this about an hour later and I’m feeling pretty sore.  I kind of want to lay down and take a nap but what I really need to do is eat.

I got an email from my stepsister that was encouraging.  I always forget I have a stepsister.  But I do have one.  Her name is Angela and she emailed me to tell me that she likes reading my running blogs.  That was good to hear because I haven’t had much feedback since I’ve been doing this and I’ve been wondering if it’s even interesting to read.  Encouragement can be a big deal for a writer.  She said it helped her keep motivated with her workouts.  That’s cool.  I’ve never really been the guy who helps people keep motivated to workout.  It makes me laugh a little.

There are some things I need to do tonight but what I’m really going to work on is eating and resting.  I don’t think I’ll be pushing myself too hard tonight.  And I’ve gotta’ go job hunting again tomorrow.  I need to somehow trick myself into wanting to catch one.  That’s one of my weaknesses.  Not working is one of my favorite things about being alive.  I’m gifted in the area.  I would probably pay all the money I’m not making to somebody if it could buy me the happiness of not working.  I mean to say that the joy and freedom of not working is worth all the money I’m supposedly not making right now.  But I guess it’s bad for me.  That’s what everybody always tells me.

I just think they’re jealous..

Thinking right is hard.

Alright, time to bounce.


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