Run Log 25

Saturday  2-12-2011 at 3:18 PM CST          70:53 minutes   est. 7+ miles

I have to say that this was a weird running day.  I started off with a goal to run for 60 minutes, which I haven’t done yet this year.  I’m still housesitting so I was running through my cousin’s neighborhood again, like Thursday.  It was surprisingly warm.  Or, warmer… 65˚.  And the sun was out so it made for nice weather which brought out lots of people that I didn’t accidentally run into.  That’s good.

The run was steady up until 43:27 minutes in when I had to stop and walk for a few blocks.  I was very thirsty and I was trying to figure out how I wanted to wrap up the run.  I decided to push myself a few more minutes to get an even 50, even though it was far from my goal.  So I did that.

One thing I had to remember is that the trick with these longer runs is not letting the hoped for distances weigh heavily on your mind.  And that is a tough thing.  Knowing you’ve got 40 minutes to run after your first 20 can make the first 20 a little more stressful than it would normally be.  I’ve realized that I have to get into some kind of zen place in my mind where I’m not thinking about times and distances and I can just focus on whatever steps are right in front of me.  ‘Cuz basically it just moving forward until you get to your goal.  You have to give into the run.  You’re just along for the ride at a certain point.

Well, I stopped at 50 minutes and felt pretty nasty.  I needed water and I needed to rush to the (ahem) bathroom.  That wasn’t the best time of my day, I’ll just say that.

At that point I considered my run to be over and I went to my computer to start typing in my times.  After a few minutes of cooling down I felt a lot better and I had a thought that I should go back out and run 10 more minutes to get to 60.  But I didn’t know if I was up for it.  Then I remembered that my cousin Mandy has a treadmill and I never got a chance to try it out.  So I thought it would be kind of fun to go run the last 10 minutes on that.  At least I wouldn’t have to go back outside, I told myself (inside my mind).

Well, when I finally figured out how to turn the treadmill on I couldn’t find how to just run for 10 minutes.  There was a planned thing on it to run for 20 minutes so I just picked that one and told myself I’d only do 10 and stop.

Well, once I got going I was enjoying it and I felt better than I thought I was going to feel.  After I got to 10 minutes I wanted to go a little longer.  And then I got 15 minutes in and realized that I felt okay enough to push it to the end.  That’s what happened.

I was kind of surprised that I actually got 70 minutes in today.  It was a windy road to get there.  Thinking back on it now I had a lot of fun with it.  I forgot how fun long runs can be and I’m looking forward to doing more in the very near future.  You kind of just go and go and go and that’s it but it’s fun in a sort of crazy way.

I’ll be eating a pizza now.


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