Run Log 22

Monday  2-7-2011 at 4:20 PM CST           41:59 minutes   est. 4+ miles

I’d like to apologize to all of you who wait with baited breath for the Run Log updates.  I’m “running” a little late today (eh? eh?).  I know ya’ll get so down when I don’t get these posts up quick… I know you people exist… I know you’re real (please, just let me believe).

Uh, anyway I got my minutes in today.  It was a smooth run.  The temperature was about 47˚ and I had my warmers and sweat pants and everything on.  It didn’t feel too bad.  I listened to a podcast by some of the creators of Breaking Bad where they talked about the behind the scenes stuff for the show.  I found it at 5 AM this morning when I was picking around in iTunes.  AMC has been running the show in it’s entirety early on Thursday mornings since December (I think).  2 episodes a week.  I’ve been DVRing and following along.  I was so excited when I stumbled onto the podcast because the show is fascinating to me and it’s interesting to hear how they write it.

If you don’t watch Breaking Bad I would recommend it.  It’s definitely dark but the stories and characters are all great.  It’s about a high school chemistry teacher who finds out he has terminal cancer and he decides to start cooking crystal meth to make money to support his family.  It’s basically about a good guy becoming a bad guy.  It’s kind of a procedural crime show like C.S.I. but instead of watching detectives solve crimes each week you follow the criminals.  And it’s serialized so it’s one of those shows where you have to see every episode to know what’s going on.  It’s really well done and it’s won some Emmys and all this.

Back to the run.

It was good.  Similar to other runs.  I ran at the mile loop as usual.  I stopped 3 different times.  One to try to get a drink of water out of a fountain that ended up not working and 2 times to wait for traffic to pass when I was crossing the street.

After I hit 40 minutes I was thinking about how I felt pretty good and wondered if I could hit 60 minutes.  I decided to try, so  I ran for about a minute and then I changed my mind and just went home.  I know that later on I won’t be able to allow myself to do that but it’s okay for now.  My goal was only 40 minutes.

I’ve got a busy/not busy week coming up of house sitting but I’m hoping to still get my runs and blogs in.  I’m probably going to need to take my computer over to pull it off.  I’m just trying to plan it all right now.  Yeah.

Anyway, more fun tomorrow.

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