Run Log 21

Saturday  2-5-2011 at 4:45 PM CST           40:25 minutes   est. 4+ miles

Sweet.  I finally got some miles in after a very inactive week due to all the snow and ice we’ve been having around DFW.  It was around 55˚ when I went out.  And there was almost zero wind chill, so it felt like 55˚ too.  I bundled up with a bunch of clothing, preparing for the worst and it ended up not being too bad actually.  Today was the first day since Tuesday where the temperature wasn’t below freezing.  More of the ice and snow was melted than I thought would be going into the run.

I didn’t have any big goals for the day other than just getting out of the house and running for a few minutes.  I made it to 30 minutes and quit, thinking it would be enough.  I had run to the “mile loop”, as I’ve been calling it.  It’s basically a park with a man made lake in the middle and it’s surrounded by a sidewalk that’s a mile around.  And there’s ducks there.  And it’s right by a church and a library and a city hall and a police station and a fire station (I think that’s everything).  It’s where I usually run and today it was busier than it’s been since 2011 started (at least when I’ve been there).  A lot of the people out were smiling, I’m assuming because they’ve been stuck inside all week like me.  I was probably smiling too.

So yeah, I quit at 30 minutes and just walked for a while.  But after I caught my breath and everything I felt pretty good (and thirsty) and wanted to hurry home so I ran back instead of walked.  I decided to do 10 more minutes to hit an even 40.

It felt great to get out and run and I didn’t feel tired at all from any previous runs (my last one was on Monday after all).  I’m hoping I can get back on my routine now that the weather has cleared up (though I hear it might snow again sometime next week).  My goal right now is to get 40 minutes in on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and do a longer run next Saturday.  Maybe I’ll shoot for an hour, who knows?

I’ve gotta pace myself so I don’t get burned out, though that’s definitely not a problem right now.

Anyway, good day.  And I’m looking forward to a good week next week.

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