Run Log 20

Thursday, February 3, 2011 5:23 PM  CST

There sure is a lot of not running happening this week.  It was icy and snowy on Tuesday and it’s been below freezing since then so the ground is pretty much covered in it.  Most schools have been closed down and even many businesses.  I’ve been inside since Monday night.  Well, I did open the door to look out a couple times, but I don’t know if that counts.  I’d probably have cabin fever like everybody else if I didn’t stay inside and not do much all the time already.  It’s not really throwing off my not busy schedule (can I get a logic check on this sentence please?).

It is throwing off my running though.  I haven’t been since Monday.  Tuesday I didn’t even try.  Yesterday I thought about it… for a little while.  Then I moved on.  Today I decided to put on all my running clothes and at least go outside.  You know, for the blog.  I walked to the end of the block and looked around and said “brrr” to myself a few times before I came back in.

It’s just not safe out there.  I know I’d slip on the icy sidewalk and I don’t have any special nonslip running boots (and I don’t even know if those exist, to be honest).  I guess I’ll have to wait and hopefully I won’t have lost too much strength by the time I can get back out there, which I’m hoping will be Saturday.  I think the temperature is finally gonna be up in the 40s.  That’ll melt away some of this no good, pesky ice.

Anyway, not much action this week.  I guess that’s just how it goes with running.  There are occasionally days like this (though not often weeks like this in Texas) (it’s those dang Super Bowl teams bringing the cold with ’em!) (baaaaaaaaaa!).

More Saturday..

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