Run Log 18

Monday  1-31-2011 at 4:30 PM           40:17 minutes   est. 4+ miles

Okay.  Today was pretty smooth.  It was 50˚.  I wouldn’t say it was easy but out of all the runs it wasn’t too bad.  I wanted to stop a few times but I just kept going.  I think the toughest time was around 35 minutes in when I passed a water fountain and had to choose between stopping and getting the last 5 minutes in.

I think today was overshadowed I heard the weather is supposed to be tomorrow.  They’re predicting 1-3 inches of ice and David Finfrock said it should be below freezing for the next 80-something hours.  I’m trying to think and I don’t even know how many days that is… hmm… hold on…. computing… I think that’s around 3 and a half days.  So… it should be below freezing until… Friday?  Wow!

Well, as far as the running goes that should be tricky.  I’m gonna give it an attempt tomorrow but I’m also going to be easy on myself and “roll with the punches” as they say.  I’ll have to bundle up extra I’m thinking.  I really want to keep consistent with my runs though I might just have to sit it out.

Oh man..

Well, that’s all I’ve got to mumble about today. We’ll have to wait see what happens tomorrow.


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