I Just Unfollowed All My Twitter People


Friday, January 28, 2011 5:40 PM CST

This is not that important but I wanted to post this for people I follow on twitter, mostly so their feelings don’t get hurt.  That’s important, right?  Late Wednesday night I decided to take a break from following people on twitter.  Last week I was following over 200 people, places and things and I unfollowed about 100 of them and it felt amazing.  I felt freer, like maybe I could fly. I wanted to unfollow more but I was down to my essentials of real friends and music stuff and news sites that I actually do like and want to keep up with.

I was in a modern day pickle.

I like twitter a lot and I still recommend it to others but I’ve been using it so much over the last few years that I’ve been forgetting what my life was like before it.  And that thought has been nagging at me.  So that’s why I decided to unfollow everybody.  And I didn’t want to discriminate.  All twitterers are created equal here.  And not followed by me anymore.

And this isn’t necessarily a permanent thing.  I might start following everybody again next week or later this year, I don’t know.

I’m mostly just sick of checking it 15 times a day.  I care what everybody’s got to say and everybody’s got great links and all, I just think I need to find other things to do with my time.  I’m always hoping to put good time into my writing and twitter seems to be the main time sucker for me lately.  I enjoy it but I think I’m addicted to it just as much.  And I just don’t like how it makes me feel.  I’m tired of being defensive about twitter.  I’m tired of feeling like I have to devote large amounts of brain space to “manage my twitter life”.  I hope to feel like more of a person maybe.  I dream of the possibility.. (and I hear heroin is nice)

Still, I’m NOT deleting my account and I’ll still be posting stuff, mostly links to my blog and music movements for people who want to know.  Nobody’s cut off (unless they decide to unfollow me [the horror!]).  And my twitter feed is connected to my facebook feed so if you’re a facebook friend, you’re getting all the same info.  (exciting, right?) (are you still awake?)

AND I made a list of everybody I was following before the great unfollowing so none of you have been forgotten and I’m pretty sure I’ll be following you again at some point in the future (we’ll think of it as “the New Heaven”).  And I have no idea when that will be right now. No one knows the time or place.

So, nobody feel sad.  Feel happy.  Maybe we can talk in real life sometime about something other than twitter.  I guess I care what you’re up to, just not every hour of the day.  Maybe once a week.



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