Run Log 16

Thursday  1-27-2011 at 10:46 AM            40:o7 minutes   est. 4+ miles

Today’s a nice day.  It’s 54˚ but sunny.  I got my time in and I think this is the earliest I’ve run all year.  I had a bit of a light head and I was trying to figure out where it came from.  I think it might actually be a NyQuil hangover.  Walgreen’s brand NyQuil actually.  I took some at about 1:30 in the morning last night.

Or maybe I was just light headed anyway.  I took a break at 26:16 minutes to get some water and catch my breath.   The run wasn’t fast at all.  I felt kind of famished.  But maybe it was the light head thing.  I really did feel like I could’ve floated right up off the sidewalk.  I wish I could say it made the running easier but I don’t think it did.

I’m a little confused now having finished my run so early.  I have a whole afternoon with nothing much to do.

This is so frightening..

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