Random Lord of the Rings Thoughts

I’m making my way through the Lord of the Rings movies again.  I have the extended versions of 1 and 3 so I had to watch the normal version of The Two Towers yesterday.  These movies are so epic.  Watching them back now I remember how powerful they were when they were first released.  The Fellowship of the Ring came out just a few months after September 11th.  I remember feeling that the trilogy was good for the world to see around that time.  They have such simple yet important themes.  Like, trying to believe there’s good in the world when it seems like all hope is lost.  Things like that.

I have the 1,008 page book here too.  And I’d like to read it but I’m kinda doubting I’ll make it through the whole thing again.  I read it all back when the movies came out and it was obviously great but… that’s a lot of reading.

What I really need to do is find a copy of The Hobbit and get through that one again.  That’s not as long and it’ll help me prepare for the movies that are coming out… next year?  Is that right?  I read that book a while ago but it’s been so long.  I remember the basics of it.  Hmm…

The movies still stand up, which doesn’t surprise me.  And they are soooo long.  I watched the first half of the 410-minute cut of The Return of the King this morning.  It still boggles the mind that people actually made all of these movies.  On the commentary track they keep talking about the 15 month shooting schedule.  I can’t imagine having to coordinate all that.  And there are so many scenes, so many things happening, so many characters… gosh.

I noticed when I was watching the movies that you just kind of accept that they’re really long.  The movies seem to be in no hurry (and again, I’ve mostly been watching the extra long versions).  Most long movies are frustrating to watch.  You get impatient and want to turn it off.  I think with the Lord of the Rings movies you know going in that it’s going to take a few days to get through the whole thing.  You’re at the mercy of the movies basically.

And the most satisfying thing about these movies is that they don’t disappoint.  They live up to your expectations.  I mean the trilogy as a whole.  That’s what’s so great about the 3rd movie in my opinion.  When it ends you realize how great the whole thing was.  It didn’t build up to a let down of a conclusion.  There weren’t people debating the end of it like they did with, say…Lost.

In the end what stays with me is that it’s all simply a great story.  It’s the kind of thing you feel good about rewatching.  You want to spend time with the movies.  They have a message and you want to listen to it.

I guess I just like the movies.

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