Run Log 15

Tuesday  1-25-2011 at 3:11 PM            40:o1 minutes   est. 4+ miles

Today was a sick day.  I’ve been wrestling with a nasty cold for the last day or so and I was considering sitting my run out today.  I didn’t want to but… I wanted to.  Know what I mean?  I read a few articles online about running when you’re sick and the consensus seemed to be if it’s above the neck then you’re okay but if it’s below the neck then you might want to wait a day or 2.  So that meant I was going to need to go for it.

I bundled up a little extra than I would have without the cold.  That was a good thing.  And I also followed my mantra to “Keep moving even if it’s really slow.”  I decided to start my run and just see how I was feeling, then figure out if I wanted to keep going.

I guess once I started I felt fine.  I didn’t feel like the cold was doing anything weird to me other than annoying me.  I took a short break at 26:23 minutes to get a drink of water and catch my breath.  Then I just kept on going.  And it wasn’t so bad actually.  I didn’t want to be out there but once I got into my rhythm it could’ve been any other day.

I’m hoping the runs get more fun soon.  It feels like it’s been a struggle just to enjoy them.  I used to think running put me in a good mood but lately I can’t tell.  Some nights I’ll come back home and just feel pissy and tired.  And I don’t like that.  I want to feel more positive about the runs.  I know that if I didn’t run most of last year I’d be having a tougher time getting out there now because there’s not much of me that wants to.  It seems easy to be excited about running when you first start out but after a few weeks (or months even) the monotony of it seems to kick in.  I’ve really gotta be careful about this.  Because I want to keep up with these runs and not just fizzle out.  I feel like I’m on a good pace.  In fact, I feel like what I’m really waiting for is the weather to warm up.  It’s so much more fun to get out when it’s nice outside. This Winter running is rough.  A part of me is wondering if I got my cold from running.  I’m trying not to think about that.

Well, I’m gonna go eat some food with my Mom now.  And after that I’m planning to not do much of anything.  Ya’ll take care.

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