Run Log 12

Thursday  1-20-2011 at 4:20 PM             40:05 minutes   est 4+ miles

This day was nuts.  I ran on Thursday afternoon but I’m having to do this entry at 2:18 Friday morning.  I had to get cleaned up and go pretty quick because on Thursday nights I watch TV with a bunch of friends.  We also decided to start doing band practice the same night, which makes for a busy night.  My theory is that TV night is going to kill the band.  I don’t want to say that but it’s probably true.  We did come up with a band name though.  We’re officially called “The Quick Fix”.  And that reminds me that I need to google that name to make sure it isn’t taken.  We have a backup name that I’ll keep secret for now.  The band is flimsy at the moment.  Another idea was to call it “Jeff and the Availables”… ‘cuz everybody else just comes when they’re available..  get it?

This isn’t about that though.  This is about my run today, which was mostly pretty good other than it being FREEZING cold outside.  The temperature was 34˚ but the wind made it feel like 20˚.  And the wind… the wind was so awful it made me wonder if perhaps it was angry at me.  It was as if the wind was screaming at me.  But that was just going one direction.  Once I made it to the other side of the running loop the wind was at my back and the whole thing was a…. breeze.

Other than the cold the run actually went pretty smooth.  I was happy to make my goal of getting 40 minutes each day this week and I’m hoping to do a longer run on Saturday.  I’ll probably try 45 or 50 minutes.  In fact, today when I was finishing up I felt like I could’ve gone a few more minutes.

I’m glad the crazy day is over now.  I feel relieved.  I’m thinking that Tuesdays are gonna be tough since I’ll be tired from Mondays and Thursdays are gonna be tough because 1,000 things happen that day.  Mondays and Saturdays don’t worry me at the moment.

I have nothing else to say and I can’t tell if I’m forming complete sentences right now.  I’m gonna go to bed.

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