Run Log 10

Monday  1-17-2011 at 4:03 PM             40 minutes   est 4+ miles

Okay, I guess I got out a little later than usual today.  I’ve set a goal for myself for the week to try to run for 40 minutes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I think I can pull that off though it won’t be all easy.  I’m mostly worried about tomorrow’s run since Tuesdays always prove to be the more difficult runs since I’m still tired from the day before.  I think I talked about this last week.

It’s always exciting when you can start to tell the difference in the runs.  I feel a little stronger each time I go out.  I know you have to be patient and the improvements are slow and gradual but they’re still nice.

And I’m not saying that the run today was all easy.  The last 10 minutes were especially rough.  When it gets like that sometimes I almost want to forget about my daily goal and just shut my eyes.  It’s strange when even just the goal flashing in my head is becoming an overwhelming thought.  Sometimes I just look down at the sidewalk and see the lines pass by underneath me.  I don’t know if they recommend doing that but it seems to help just to take the bigness out of the run.  I’ll have to remember that for the longer runs later.

The weather was around 55˚ so I think I wore about 1 less layer of clothing.  I want to figure out what the right amount of clothing is for different temperatures and weather conditions.  I know that when it’s below 40˚ I’ve gotta really bundle up.  45˚ is okay with a little less and I think I did good for today.  And wind is always something you’ve gotta consider.  Strong winds can throw a day off.  But then, it matters if you’re running into them or with them.  And it’s gonna be nuts this summer when it’s in the 100’s again.  That’s a whole different thing to have to deal with.

I mentioned that I listen to a lot of podcasts when I run.  Today I listened to an episode of This American Life.  I try to listen to those each week when they show up on iTunes, which is usually on Mondays.  They’re pretty good for runs because they’re about an hour long and I just like the stories I guess.  The first time I ever listened to the show it was about the financial crisis and I guess I assumed it was a show about money.  But it’s actually about modern life.  And most of it happens in America but some of the stories are about other countries.  I really enjoy how random the stories are from week to week.  Like, this week was about kids and politics and I think all the stories took place in schools.  But they’ve done whole episodes set in malls and gas stations and college campuses.  When you listen to a bunch of shows you really get a big picture of what’s going on in all sorts of places of the world these days, different slices of life.  I would definitely recommend it.

Uh… yeah.  I didn’t mean to turn this running blog into a commercial for This American Life but I’m okay with it if it happened.  I do think I want to be loose about whatever topics randomly come through the “running” filter.  I’m kind of expecting this blog to be very boring unless the readers are interested in running.  And that is interesting to a certain point but then it seems like it’s just a lot of talking about times and distances and things like that.  So I’m going to try to be flexible as I go.

Which reminds me that I probably need to stretch more.




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