Run Log 8

I’m having a hard time not feeling guilty about how boring these running entries probably are.  I guess I should just power through it (sorry, that’s running language if I just lost you).

Today was still cold.  It was 38˚.  I had a tough time getting myself psyched up enough to get out the door.  I finally got going about 3:15 this afternoon.  I think my preparation has a lot to do with just putting on all of my running clothes.  Once those are on it’s not as hard to step outside.

My goal today was to go for 30 minutes.  I ran for 18:37 and had to take a break to stretch and decide if I wanted to keep going.  My legs weren’t feeling as bad as Tuesday but they weren’t feeling that great either.  I think it had to do with the constant banging they take from the concrete.  I tried to run in the grass next to the sidewalk.

I started back up and actually got 38:53 minutes in altogether, which equalled somewhere around 4 miles.  I kept wanting to go just a little further and even though I was tired I just kept pushing it.  I think the main battle today was definitely the weather.  On one of the apps on my computer it says that the actual temperature is 37˚ but it feels like 26˚.  There’s a spot on my running loop where there’s a hill and for some reason it’s always extra windy there.  When I was cutting through that spot I couldn’t believe how bad I wanted to quit and lay down on the side of the path.

Today I didn’t feel like a runner.  I had no desire to be out there even when I was running and afterwards.  Sometimes it’s just so miserable and boring it makes me wonder why I even go.  I’m glad I got the exercise in and everything but I felt like it was the opposite thing I was wanting to be doing the whole time I was out.  I kept thinking about what a mental challenge it is to get out there and how even though I was getting my miles in, I still felt like I was failing my “mental challenge”.  I was thinking about how I was going to have to come back and write about the run and how I didn’t have anything fun or inspiring to say.  It made me wonder if I’d run better or worse if I wasn’t doing a blog about it.  I don’t know.

A part of me thinks that if I quit blogging about it then my running would suddenly improve.  But at the same time I think knowing that I had to run today so I could write about it was a big motivator to get out there.  This felt like a big excuse day if there ever was one.

I guess in the end none of this even matters.  What’s important is that I got out there and met my goal for the day.  And it wasn’t an easy day.

Writing about running makes me have to think more than I usually have to.  I don’t think that it’s throwing me off but I do think I’m having to get myself used to it.

Anyway, that’s that today.  We’ll pick this up on Saturday.

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