Run Log 7

Alrighty.  Today I got out late at about 3:40 in the afternoon and I went for 30:01 minutes at the usual mile loop.  I ran some before and after I got there as well.  It was over 3 miles when it was all said and done but probably not more than 3 and a half miles.  And it was a slow run that was close to being a fast walk with a bunch of hopping.  That’s called jogging, right?  Yeah.  And I should also add that after the first 18 minutes I stopped and took a break to stretch my legs out.

My legs hurt a lot on this run.  I think they were still a little sore from yesterday.  With my running schedule I go Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays so Tuesdays are the only days where I don’t get a rest day beforehand.  I’m probably supposed to be this tired and I know it’ll pay off later but right now it kind of sucks.

After I got back home I googled “sore leg muscles from running” and that led to some information about ice baths.  Then I went to this page to read up a little on those.  That helped I guess but I didn’t run 10 miles, I just ran 3, so I thought I might be exaggerating things.  I decided to try a meet-in-the-middle deal and take a cold shower, since I didn’t have any bags of ice anyway.  I had my shower on extra cold but that only lasted a couple of seconds once I got in.

I’ll try the ice bath another day maybe.

I did think of something during my run today though.  I realized that I’m posting these blogs about running usually within an hour or so of actually running.  Meaning that I’m often pretty tired around that time.  My energy has already been spent on the run.  So I was wondering if it was dimming the amount of attention I’d like to give this log.  I know that when I’m tired the last thing I want to do is try write worthwhile things for people to read.  But maybe that’s just something to be aware of as I continue this.  I’m noticing that to keep up the blog it’s a pretty committed process.  I’ve gotta get ready for the run, actually run, come back and record my times and initial thoughts, take a shower and then sit down and write about it.  If I do it all quickly it would still be pushing 2 hours out of my day.  And I enjoy doing it but that seems like a lot of stuff.

It’s cool.  I was just thinking about that.


And I should probably talk for a minute about how slow this run was.  I kept thinking while I was going that I didn’t think I could run slower than I was going.  Like, if I’m still running when I’m 70 years old, it will probably be at the pace I was going today.  I was basically scooting along.  But at the same time I still felt okay about it because I was moving and I was also more concerned with time than distance (I talked about that yesterday).  When I go slow I think about how the workout feels more natural somehow.  I don’t know if it really is but it feels that way.  It’s like I’m meeting my muscles where they are and working them out there instead of trying to make them reach to a harder goal.  I don’t know if it’s a better workout but it feels like a more genuine workout and one that would probably benefit me more in the long run (long run?  that’s not supposed to be a pun).

It’s funny to me that I’m talking about this because I don’t consider myself a workout connoisseur where I’d be able to talk about the different levels of quality in a workout.  I don’t even know if there are different levels of quality in workouts (anybody know?).  I do think that there are different ways of getting it done and it feels satisfying and sort of exciting when you find a way of doing it that works good for you.  Maybe that’s what I’m getting at.  I like how with running I can pretty much design my plan however I want.  I can be creative and take aspects from different running plans but ultimately I have to find the way that works best for me.  Like, I like that I have to be my own coach for some reason.  I think knowing my personality helps with that.  I used to think of coaches as these always abrasive characters who are always yelling at you trying to inspire you or get you to improve.  But I’ve never been a person who is inspired to be better because somebody is being a jerk to me.  In fact, that normally has the opposite effect on me.  I seem to respond to nicer people.

So I get to be my own nice coach I guess.

I can’t remember how I got to that point.  Hmm… interesting point..

Uh… see ya’ll Thursday.

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