Run Log 5

Okay, today was supposed to be my long run day but it didn’t quite go that way.  I did get 30 minutes in but I just decided to run as slow as I felt like running.  I think I covered around 3 miles altogether so I can’t complain.

The thing is that it was a sad day.  My great-aunt Cooter passed away Wednesday night.  We had the memorial service today at noon.  It was nice.  My dad and my uncle David both spoke.  I wished I had brought a Kleenex because I got snot all over my hands and sweater sleeves.  Seeing my dad speak in public is a rare thing and it surprised me because I hadn’t talked to him before the service.  He was nervous but he did a good job.  They were telling old stories it was pretty emotional.

Cooter was a neat lady.  She was 91 and exactly 61 years older than me because we shared the same birthday.  Her Sunday School class/ domino group made lunch for all of us, which was really sweet of them.  It was good to visit with family for a little while, I’m thinking it’ll continue tonight too.  I think we’re gonna go eat someplace.

On the topic of the running log, I’m hoping to write better posts than these.  It’s tricky to run and then write about each one afterwards as much as I’d like to.  I think I’m still working out the kinks of how to pull this off the way I want to.

Anyway, more later.

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