Run Log 4

Okay, I got in another 3 miles today.  My time was 27:42 minutes and I did it at the same loop as all the others.  It was warmer today, 61˚.  I still felt more tired than I thought I would.  I’m hoping I have some more strength in the coming weeks.

I listened to a podcast about comedians.  It was entertaining but I kept wondering if it was making the run slower because I kept wanting to just sit back and laugh.  It’s weird listening to jokes when you’re huffing and puffing.  You want to laugh but you can’t quite get there.

I’ve also been thinking of coming up with some mantras to say to myself as I’m running to help me focus and keep going.  These are some I use without thinking about it.

– “I-can-do-this-I-can-do-this”



Sorry to cut it short today.  I’ll pick this back up on Saturday.



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