Run Log Addendum 1

I have a day off from running today but I wanted to do a post connected to the regular log.  Those are called addendums, right?  I’ve never written an addendum before.  This is so exciting..

I wanted to talk about the log outside of the normal context of having just run.  The thing is that I don’t know why I’m doing this run log or how long I’ll be doing it.  I’d like to stick to it for a good chunk of time but I’m not sure yet.  I’ve been wondering if talking about my running will ruin my actual running.  The last 2 times I’ve gone to run my mind was consumed with thoughts like, “okay, remember this so I can blog about it later.”  Maybe it’s not a big deal but there’s a level of blogging that seems cool and healthy and a level that is just way too self-centered.  And I know that my writing style is first person and everything but I can get to a point where listening to myself talk about myself can make me wanna go have a nice barf.  And that can’t be good for running, right?

So I just wanted to say that my commitment level to the Run Blog is in flux.  I’m testing it out to see how it goes.  And it might not be that big of a deal anyway.

This is an experiment in a way.  I’m trying to figure out what would have to happen for me to decide that it’s not worth it.  Because it’s kind of fun to write about this stuff.  I do think it’s ridiculous that I’m even writing this addendum.  But I do have some thoughts about the log.

Maybe I’m just excited to see what happens.  Or I’m nervous.  I know that both Monday and Tuesday nights I had some pretty bad headaches.  I don’t know if they were connected to my running or my blogging about my running or if I just had normal old headaches.  I’m gonna try to keep aware of this for my next runs on Thursday and Saturday.  I do feel that I pushed myself a lot but I don’t think that’s a bad thing.  I really would like to get stronger.

Getting into a running routine seems to build your momentum about the running.  Like, because I’ve done it regularly for the last week and a half I feel like my chances of going again on Thursday and Saturday are pretty high.  I’ve been watching the weather and they’ve been saying that temperatures could be in the teens by next Monday and Tuesday.  That’s something I’m gonna have to deal with.  Also, I’ve been running at the same place every time for the last week and a half and it can get boring to always go to the same place.  I might need to branch out.  I think one of the more fun things to do on long running days is to just run down the street for a while.  I ran all the way to Colleyville about a month ago.  That felt crazy.


I’m so glad I didn’t have to run today though.  I needed this rest day.


Oh and another thing I wanted to make clear here.  I’m really not much of a runner.  I’m an amateur who has a blog.  So it’s just something else I can write about.  If you are a runner and you’re looking for some serious running advice and inspiration I’m sure there are some much better blogs out there for you to read.  In fact, I’ll try to keep my eyes peeled as I go so I can recommend them.


This is something else I was thinking about during my run yesterday.  I think to run regularly you have to be able to find new motivation each day.  Like, I might be motivated by how nice the weather is one day and just want to listen to a podcast the next.  When you first start running it seems that just running is it’s own inspiration.  But then that can get old and you need more inspiration.  Sometimes I’ll be in a really bad mood and running will help me deal with it somehow.  Sometimes I’ll just want to feel better about myself ‘cuz I’ll feel unmotivated and kinda down.  That helps.

I do know that I get tired of listening to the same music on my iPod every time I go run.  Or I just get tired of music in general.  I try to have new music coming in but sometimes I just don’t.  Podcasts are great for running and I can’t recommend listening to those enough.  It’s kind of cool to be able to listen to people talk about interesting things while you’re running.  It makes me feel like I’m making good use of my time.

Also, I try to pay close attention to my body and what’s going on with it.  Some days my legs will be sore, for example, and I’ll try to go easy on them.  Some days I just feel crappy all over.

I haven’t totally figured out how to have a good attitude every time.  I think you have to learn how you think and how to keep your mind in a good place.  It sounds funny but I think it’s pretty important.  Sometimes motivation to run can feel very fragile, like anything could knock you off your rhythm.  It’s easy for an excuse to pop into your mind.  It’s easy to just quit.  Some excuses are really good.  Some should be ignored but some you should probably listen to.  You’ve gotta be discerning.

I’m glad though that every running day is different.  I’m glad that tomorrow’s run will be different from yesterday’s run.  ‘Cuz I didn’t necessarily enjoy yesterday’s run.  But tomorrow might be great.

You never know.

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