Run Log 2

Okay, here goes round 2 of the running log.  I’ve got a little window here where I think I can throw a quick blog up before BP (band practice).  I was thinking about this log on the way to my run today and wondering if it was too much for me to try to take on.  Also, I wondered if writing a blog about my running would make me sound like some narcissistic guy.  But I realize that that’s more of an excuse than a reality.  The reality of this running log is that I could possibly reveal myself to be an embarrassingly bad runner.  But that’s just part of the deal, right?

Well, I went to the same mile loop as before and I kicked off at exactly 12:07 PM (by my iPod’s clock).  I ran 3 miles in 27:46 minutes, though I need to add that I took about a minute break after the 2nd mile to decide if I wanted to keep going.  I paused the timer.  I wasn’t feeling too hot today.  It was around 50˚ out and there was some good wind blowing as well.  Also, the songs shuffling on my iPod seemed especially slow and depressing, though it could’ve just been in my head.  I powered through the last mile and decided that it was good enough for the day.  My goal had been to run 4 miles.  Oh well.  3 works.

I wanted to note that the Winter seems to be the hardest season to run for me.  It might be the same for others too.  I think I only saw about 5 people at the loop, so it was pretty thin.  I know that the Spring is always a great time to be out and the Summer here in Texas is awfully hot but I got into a good habit of running at night last year.

Anyway, now that it’s over I feel fine and I’ll go back out tomorrow and see how it goes.   I had a few more thoughts but I’ve gotta rush it today.  Hopefully there will be a chance for more in the later blogs.

Rock on.


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