I want so much stuff

I think you’re supposed to be content during Christmas with what you have and be thankful for what you get but I keep wanting more and more stuff.  I want an iPad and some microphones and a midi controller and an audio interface and the first season of Mad Men on DVD and some good running shoes and some fancy headphones and… maybe that’s it.

It’s a lot of stuff.  I think I might get one of those things.  And I don’t need any of them.

Need is such a funny, funny word.  Need… ha ha.

I’m so spoiled.  But gosh, I wish I was more spoiled, know what I’m saying?  I’d be open to that.  I’d also be open to an iPod Touch.  And a big screen, high definition TV.  And of course a Blue Ray player, if I’m gonna go that far.  I like things like that.  Or, I should say that I would like things like that.  I like stuff.  I could get used to things.

I’ve always thought it would be neat to have a writing shed in the back yard.  And maybe my own backyard too.  But then I’d have to have my own house and maybe even a car with a nice stereo that you can hook an iPod Touch up to.  Those are cool cars.

I really wish I wanted more than just stuff for Christmas.  I don’t know if I do.  And I don’t know if I want to be a better person.  Better person shmetter person!!  I want an iPad!  I want to be able to check my email in places I can’t check it right now.  Like in the kitchen or the garage.  Yeah.

Is there a Christmas movie where people keep trying to tell some guy about the true meaning of the season and he keeps ignoring them and then he gets some cool TV and it’s a happy ending?  That would be a neat movie.  It could be called “It’s a Wonderful Life with a Whole Bunch of New Possessions”.  I may have to write this.

Anyway, Merry Christmas everybody!!

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