Seinfeld would’ve been very different if they’d had cell phones

I’ve been going through and watching every Seinfeld episode in order.  I’m nearly done with the 4th season.  The show mostly takes place in the 90’s and what strikes me as the most noticeable difference is that they don’t have cell phones.  If this show took place in the 2000’s a good chunk of the episodes wouldn’t work as well because there are quite a few where the main problem is that the gang keeps missing each other or they have a very basic misunderstanding.  All of those issues are fixed these days with a simple text message.

I just noticed that.

Still, I think the thing that causes the most trouble for Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer is how they lie to each other so much.

Add cell phones and take out the lying and you’d have a much shorter show.   Probably not as good either.  Hmm…

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