The Answer Blog: Question 1

Jeff Grant here.  I’d like to start a new blog series today where I will go about answering your questions about any and every thing.  Now, please be aware that I don’t know everything but I can try.  Think of this as a Dear Abby kind of thing.  Ask whatever you want.  It can be advice or it can be what my favorite color is (it might be green).  You can be creative.  Randomness is encouraged.  I’d like for this to be something that keeps going.  I have one question so far and my hope is that it will inspire other questions.

Oh yeah.  If you send a question but you’d like to remain anonymous then let me know.  Otherwise I might mention you in the post.

Here we go.

Question # 1 comes from a twitter friend named Charles Peters (you can find him at ).   His question is:  “how does britta have an endless supply of leather jackets ?”.

Well, thanks for the question, Charles.  Now, I believe the Britta he is referring to is the character on NBC’s Community played by Gillian Jacobs.  I’m a regular watcher of this show, I think I’ve seen every episode, but I can’t say that I know the answer to this question.  To be honest, I’ve never noticed her leather jackets.  Maybe I need to wise up to this.  I don’t know if her leather jackets are mentioned in any episodes.  There may be a very clear right answer to this somewhere but I don’t think I’m the one to give it.

Thanks Charles.

Any more questions?

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