Thoughts on Derek Webb’s new album ‘Feedback’

Okay, I just downloaded Derek Webb’s new instrumental worship album ‘Feedback’ which just came out.  You can find it here.

This isn’t an official review or anything.  I’m only 7 tracks in as I’m typing this but I wanted to get my immediate thoughts out.

If there’s any word I can think to describe this the word would be “refreshing”.  I’m always refreshed by Derek’s music but this is different.   There aren’t any words (at least so far).  It’s bright electronic music from what I’ve heard so far.  It’s really putting me in a good mood.  It’s supposed to be a worship album but I haven’t connected it all yet, I’m just vibing to it.  It makes me wish I had a better stereo because it sounds great.

I should probably have done more research on what he is aiming for here.  The song titles are basically The Lord’s Prayer (I just realized this).  I think they were meditating on it when they made the music.

And the music is powerful and has a celebratory feel at a lot of points.  I don’t know if Derek’s intention is to get this music on a soundtrack but I can very easily imagining somebody wanting to put it in something.  It’s nice to listen to something that isn’t all about the words.  It retains an abstraction that gives it more power in a way.  I think that’s part of what they were aiming for.

(I just started it over at the first track)

Really what impresses me the most with the music so far is the mood it puts you in.  It is a worshipful mood.  But it’s very pure and I’m actually a lot more thankful that it’s all instrumental than I thought I’d be.  I love that they were able to bring a lot of the cool electronic sounds from Stockholm Syndrome into this.  It gives it a very modern yet classical feel.  This will make excellent running music.  Or heck, just sitting around the house or driving music.

Again, if this sounds like something you’d be interested in you should really go download it.  Here’s another link in case you need one.

  1. Hey Jeff, you might like the interview I did with derek on my podcast this week about FEEDBACK and a whole bunch of other stuff.

    Derek Webb on The FreshPod


      • Jeff Grant
      • November 10th, 2010

      Hey, thanks for the heads up Bryan!

      I actually listened to it YESTERDAY and really enjoyed it. Ha! Thanks for posting it!


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