I don’t want a car

I think my dream in life is to have a job where I don’t need a car so I can spend all my money on stuff that isn’t for the car (like gas and car parts and insurance and all that stuff that ANNOYS me to spend money on).

I want to spend money on things I want… like awesome recording gear and computer stuff and it would be cool to go watch a lot of movies and buy new c.d.s.

Tonight I made a list of all the material possessions I want in my life and I don’t think it’s too much to want as long as I can keep from getting a car.  I would just really enjoy buying a lot of stuff I don’t necessarily need but want, know what I mean?  I don’t think my wish list is too extravagant, you know?  I think it’s okay.  I’m okay with it at least.

Maybe I can knock these things out one by one and then afterwards I’ll buy a little motor scooter or something.  Maybe that would be a more manageable thing to have (even though I wouldn’t be able to carry my stuff around very easily).

I’m just tired of cars.  I’ve always had cars that break down and make bad sounds that I try to ignore until they stop moving.  There are just so many OTHER things in this world you can spend your money on and it makes me so angry I guess.

What’s awful about this is not only do you need a car to go to work in but you also need one to go BUY stuff!!  Well, unless you buy everything online… but I was wanting to buy all my stuff at stores you can go inside of.  But some are not very close!!  So I’m just stuck back in that loop I don’t want to be in with cars.

I like walking a lot.  But it’s getting colder outside.  And walking in the cold is not very fun.

Some day I’ll figure this stuff out.  Or have to get a car again.

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