What Happened

I’m making coffee right now for the first time in 3 days.  And I don’t know if that’s a big deal.  Probably not.  Don’t know why I’m sharing it.  Maybe it’s okay.  Things like that are okay to say perhaps.

Not a lot to share today.  Felt like saying something I guess.  I guess it’s okay to do that.  No new news to report personally.  If you’d like to learn the regular news just read a newspaper or watch it on TV.  You know how to do that I’m sure.  Ask around if you don’t.

As far as my life I’m not sure if there’s anything happening in it necessarily.  I ate a hamburger last night that was pretty good.  Then I went to Best Buy with a Homecoming Queen from the 60’s (or 70’s?).  She isn’t that into electronics so I tried to hurry as I looked at all the stuff.  Good thing I didn’t have any money because I would have spent it all on dvds and Apple stuff if I had my druthers in tact.

No druthers last night I’m afraid.

The Homecoming Queen told me that she’d buy me something in the 10 to 15 dollar range and I told her that that was a sweet offer but I’m not that low.  I have a few dribbles of self respect left in me (somewhere).  She didn’t have to do that.

Then I remembered that some cool c.d.s come out next Tuesday.  So then I asked, “Well, what about next Tuesday?”

We might eat hamburgers then too, I’ll keep you posted.


What was the question?

Oh, “what did we talk about when we were eating hamburgers?”

Oh.  Well, mostly TV.  Isn’t that what everybody talks about?  I mean, doesn’t everybody watch TV all the time and then talk about it later?  I don’t think me and the Homecoming Queen watch the same shows.  She likes that one with the teenagers who dance and sing and I’m more into stuff on that peacock channel on Thursdays.  So we recommended some shows to each other I guess.  But I just watch most everything on the internet these days anyway.

And that’s what we were talking about since you were so curious.

There were all of these new buildings.  New stores everywhere.  Right next to old barns that they never tore down (probably because they looked cool).  And the barns looked cool.  The sun was setting when I noticed the barns.  I could see downtown far off into the distance and I thought it was a nice night to eat hamburgers on a porch.

‘Cuz we were on a porch.

I think I forgot to mention that part.



    • craig
    • October 28th, 2010

    thanks for another trip to your head. E Harmony spitting out some bad results these days?

    • Jeff Grant
    • October 28th, 2010

    No. That was my mom.

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