Behind the Scenes (Album): Part 8

The record I’m talking about in this blog can be found and downloaded here.  At the time of this posting it will be free but it might not stay that way so if you like the songs and would like to own them without paying anything you might want to hop to it ‘cuz your window might be closing sometime soon.

Well, that’s over!  I finished the last two songs yesterday.  So as far as I know the Behind the Scenes record is done!  If anybody was waiting to download it now might be a good time.  And yeah, it wouldn’t offend me if you downloaded it (please download it!).

I wanted to type out some of my final thoughts on the making of this record before I completely move on.

First off, this was an enjoyable way for me to put music together.  I know I’ve already said this a million times.  It was a backwards way of working that I found to be surprisingly helpful.  I would never have written any of these songs if I hadn’t committed to it a couple of weeks ago.  I think that’s why I like them so much.  Now, I don’t know if this is a flawless record.  It certainly has some missteps but there were some surprises along the way that I think were especially cool.  I was glad I got my song about the mutant entertainer out.  And some of the songs ended up much better than I thought they would in the earlier stages.  In my opinion, the songs are about 75% good.  A couple I feel bland about but I don’t want to say which ones (because other people might like them).  I think there’s a better version of this record that’s edited down, probably only 12 songs and with a different cover.  But I think if I changed it I’d mess up the whole concept of the album.

I’ve been wondering over the last couple of days how much this recording will change the way I make music.  Because I think it was a neat way to write songs and it ended up working better than I thought it would.  I’ve always liked the idea of making concept albums so maybe trying to plan them out a little better beforehand will be a good thing to continue.

The song I wrote today (Return of Goodbye) (Harmonica isn’t a song really), I think is one of those love it or hate it kind of songs.  It repeats the same melody for the entire duration with only a few occasional changes.  I know that it could make for a monotonous listen.  I don’t know how many times I would be able to listen to the whole thing straight through without feeling annoyed.  But at the same time, I think what’s said in it is a pretty good way to finish out this strange album.  I feel like this collection has especially been about interacting with the audience (though I wish there had been more!) so it seems appropriate to write a song directly to the listeners that references the album itself.  I’m thinking that the song could get better after some time passes but I just wrote the thing yesterday and it kinda bothers me right now.  I felt that it was the right song for the record but… oh who cares!

I was surprisingly proud of one of the songs I wrote on Tuesday (Nice Day [For a Pop Song]).  I don’t know how creepy it is to say this but the second verse was inspired by a meteorologist on channel 5 here in the DFW area.  Her name is Samantha Davies and she’s amazing (at meteorology).  She’s on in the mornings and I seem to revolve my schedule around these 15 second snippets of when the Today Show shows me “what’s happening in my neck of the woods”.  She’s very smart and good at what she does but I can never remember what she says the weather is gonna be because I have a crush on her.  It freaks me out because I guess I’m used to weather people being dorky old guys.  Every time she comes on I seem to stop whatever I’m doing and get really quiet and try to pay attention.  I think I was writing that song while she was on the TV so my mind had been infiltrated and it had an effect on the music.

So all that makes me like the song more.

And anyway, back to the making of the record.  I found that knowing the titles early was good and bad for me.  Good in that I knew the basic ideas I was aiming for but bad in that I had a lot of ideas for other songs as I was writing these 16 and those ideas had to be abandoned because I couldn’t figure out how to connect them to the titles.  So, It helped me focus but it was also somewhat confining and I’m curious where some of those unwritten songs would have gone.  There were several times while making this record where I wished I could change the song titles because I’d think of new ones that sounded more interesting.  But oh well, that’s just how it goes.

I wanted to wrap this up by repeating myself.  PLEASE download the music if you like it.  It would make me really happy.  And yes, the price might come up (or actually exist) sometime soon so if you want it for free, now is definitely the time.

If you are one of the few who’ve kept up with this thing as it’s been happening I want you people to know that I’m very grateful for you.  There’s probably 3 of you but I’d like think there’s 10.

Hope it was worth it and hope it was at least a little inspiring.  I think that’s the real goal at the end of the day.

Thanks again!

Rock on.


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