Behind the Scenes (Album): Part 4

Okay, it’s around 3 AM right now.  I wrote a song at this time last night, the night before that and the night before that.  No song tonight though.  Also, I’m technically wrong in calling this the night time since it’s actually just very early in the day.

I just went and ran for 40 minutes straight (at 1:50).  That was my second time ever to do that.  The first time was Friday.  I saw a show on the History Channel about this guy that kind of blew my mind and made me want to up the ante on my running.  And I didn’t just now start running.  I’ve been running about 35 minutes per run for the last week anyway.  Also, you should follow that link if you get the chance.  It’s a guy named Dean Karnazes who is known as “The Ultra Marathon Man”.  He runs for like days on end.  In 2006 he ran 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 consecutive days.  I’m being serious.  That video is a talk he did at Google a little while ago.  There are some shorter videos about him on youtube but that one is worth watching if you’ve got the time.

Anyway, back to music.  I’ve got 5 down so far.  The last one was pretty silly about Jesus and all this stuff (Guilty People [Make the First Move]).  It might be in bad taste.  In fact, I’m sure it is.  I’ll probably feel bothered by it but leave it on for the sake of completion.  It’s definitely a different tone than the others but it’s probably okay.  I do have a tendency to put songs like that on my records.

I’m not sure but I might take a break with the songwriting for a couple days.  I’m feeling like I’m writing at a pace that’s productive but could get stupid very quickly (maybe already has).  I might need to back up a little and realign my head about this project.  I’m enjoying it but I’m worried that I’m just gonna start writing seriously bad songs just to fill out the album.  Not that thinking about it is gonna make the songs necessarily better.  Maybe I’ll just feel better about them.  I’m glad about the focus I have about this record so far but I need to focus on pacing myself.  There isn’t any real hurry here.  I could be working on this until Christmas or even next year (I don’t know).  I’m sure it’ll get done before that but it might be a matter of weeks instead of a matter of days.  I just don’t want to get burned out early on.  I’m thinking that I might do some of the songs as instrumentals because that can be fun and give the music some variety.

I had my 4th recording session today with my friend Josh and we actually got a lot accomplished.  He’s wanting to record about 7 songs before the middle of September and yesterday (during our 3rd session) we were working on just one song most of the time.  We’d only started 3 at that point and I was feeling concerned that we might not get 7 songs done the way he wants them in the time he wants them.  But we did 2 more today and they sounded really good.  I think there’s only one song that has a ton of production going on in it and that’s the one we were digging through yesterday.  Josh has a lot of songs that sound awesome with just him and a guitar.  He’s really multiple times the musician that I am.  I write a lot but many of my songs sound the same (what, you think I don’t know that?).  Josh writes intricate guitar parts in different styles.  It’s really impressive.  And he can play piano and stuff.  And I can’t really do that.  I can press keys on the right notes sometimes but Josh can jam and rock out on a piano or keyboard in REAL TIME with the rest of the music.  I think he’s been playing since he was 2 years old.  That’s what he always says.  Jerk.

I’m trying not to talk too much about the songs beforehand in case anybody reads this.  Not that they’ll sound anything like what you could be imagining from what I’m saying here.  Hopefully people will get to hear the recordings soon.

Oh yeah, I was wanting to say that I’ve been doing these recordings in Logic Express on an iMac and I’m using a Samson C01U USB Studio Condenser microphone (I just read that name directly off the mic).  I’m getting pretty good sounds.  Or at least I’m happy with what we’re able to accomplish.  I listened to an interview with Daniel Lanois about recording Bob Dylan.  Someone asked him what kind of microphone he used and I he said something and then added that it almost didn’t matter because Dylan has such a good voice.  I think he was meaning that if the raw sound the microphone is picking up is really good, then it’ll sound good no matter what microphone you use.  Like, obviously it’s good to have good microphones if you can get them but if the sound it’s picking up is crappy then it’s just gonna sound crappy in the mix.  Know I mean?

Okay, thanks for reading.  It’s time for me to try to sleep again.  Bye.


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