Behind the Scenes (Album): Part 3

Okay.  4 songs down so far.  I just posted Broken Down and Mythic on the bandcamp site.  I didn’t think I was gonna write a song this morning but I guess I did.  They seem to all come at about 3 in the morning even though I don’t plan it that way.  I was going to just go to sleep tonight but some ideas came into my head so I had to get up and write them down.  Pretty annoying, huh?

I didn’t add any extra sounds to this song.  I wasn’t really in the mood to record all night and it sounded okay to me.  So far I like the songs I’ve written for this project.  I thought that knowing the titles beforehand would ruin the spontaneity but it’s actually just giving me ideas to try to work towards.  I thought all of these songs were gonna sound like cut and dry country sorta songs but they’re much more abstract than I thought they’d be.  And that’s a good thing to me.

I seriously wasn’t going to write a song tonight.  I thought it would be cool to take a break.  I think something in me just switched over and decided that wasn’t going to happen.  But that’s fine.  I’ll take it.

One reason I was wanting to try to take a break is because I’m also doing some recording with my friend Josh.  In fact, he came over earlier tonight to work on some songs.  I think it was his third time to come over for this new project and he brought a guitar player over with him.  So I was in “recording world” most of the night working on that stuff.

I know that all of this recording is good for me.  I seem to learn something new with every song I record.  Like, tonight I was feeling overwhelmed because one of Josh’s songs has like 8 things going on at one time (whoa, right?).  I’m the mixer on this project so I’ve gotta make sure it all sounds okay together.  I was getting nervous because we just kept laying on electric guitar parts and it was getting pretty complicated.  Recording can make you feel crazy because you’re trying to make it all sound good but when there’s so much going on, sometimes it’s hard to tell what part is causing the ruckus.

I was glad that about an hour after the other guys left I finally figured out how to clean up the track and make it less of a ear screech.  Gosh, you can get to where you don’t want to listen to the songs anymore when you do that.  Think about how when you hear a song so many times that you don’t like it anymore.  You get numb about it and it has no meaning to you.  And then think about how it would be if you had to keep listening to 10 second pieces over and over to try to get it to sound right.  Yeah, just THINK about that..

I’m having  a lot of fun with all this.  I’m feeling very busy and that’s probably good.  I’m the type of person that feels strange when he gets busy.  I start thinking I’m gonna forget to do things.  Hmm..  Can’t remember what now..

It’s funny to be working on this Behind the Scenes record and still not know what it’s gonna look like later.  It’s also weird to write songs and then have them listenable on the internet within half an hour.  I can’t tell if it makes the songs worse or if they’re equally as good as if people had to wait until they were all put together.  It’s really one of the benefits of being an independent artist.   I don’t have to run any of this stuff by anybody.  Of course I don’t have a team of people supporting me or promoting me (or making sure the songs don’t sound like total crap!) which means that not a lot of people even know that I’m doing this.  I guess that’s okay though.  This is kind of a geeky thing to do and I don’t think most people even care anyway (luckily).

Well, I’m gonna go try to sleep again.

Hopefully I won’t write any more songs until tomorrow..

(fingers crossed)

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