So, it’s like there’s this line.  And it’s the line between what you say and what you don’t say.  And it’s also the line between clarity and mystery.  And you get to choose where that line is.  You get to choose how much light you let ’em in on or how much you leave them in the dark.  And when you figure out where that line is and how to move it, how to control it and play with it, it’s like another world opens up.  And it can’t happen all the time.  But some of the time.

But the line can be frightening to be aware of.  And just because you know where it is, you might not always know what to do with it.  You wonder, “How much do I say?  How much do I keep to myself?”  And what is the limit of expression?  And is there one?  Or do we dim ourselves out of what we think of as respect for other people?  Is that real respect?  And is it possible to really live as bright as we are, without damaging the other people?  And what if you did?  What if you found the best version of yourself?  And you figured out how to be that person?  Every day.  What if you caught it and you knew how to live fully?  Not just talk about it or think about it.  Not just contemplation but real action.  Forward momentum.  What if you found that great, inspired forward momentum that you always dreamed of following?  Would you trust it?  Or question it?   Would it scare you or cause a silence in you?   Or would it make you scream?  Would it make you joyful?  Or would you want to hide in the basement?  What if your dream forward momentum was possible?  And what if it wasn’t a bad thing?  What if it was good?  What if you were good?  Not just a carbon copy.  Not just another version of the same person.  What if you were a good, original person?


What if you were not wrong where you always think you’re wrong?  What if one of the voices in your head is telling the truth and another one is just lying?  What if you learned how to tune out the liar and tune in the truthful one.  And what if all this was healthy?  Not crazy like it sounds.  What if it was sane?  What if it was more sane than you ever were?  What if it’s the sanity is that frightens you the most?

Could that ever happen?  Do things like that happen?  In real life?

I don’t know.

Do you know?


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