No Cussing Infomation

Hey Folks.

I wanted to do a quick blog to get out some information on some new music that was made available Saturday (7-31-2010).  It’s called No Cussing and it’s got 10 recently recorded tracks.  If the last record was special because I got a new USB microphone then this one is special because I got a new iMac and a new recording software (Logic Express).  This is a step up from Garage Band (which is what Digital Dreams and Artifacts were recorded on).  I’ve been trying to gradually improve the quality of the recordings so that’s what I’m personally most excited about here.  And I’ve still got a ways to go but… well, I’ll get there later.

These are the names of the tracks (I’d call them songs but some of them are just ticks and guitar solos):

1  Beat Bag

2  Another Story

3  You Drained Your Song

4  Light

5  Electrical Fence

6  3 4

7  Sentimental

8  Repetition

9  In Your Head

10  A Better Ending

You can download it for free at Noise Trade.   And if you feel like paying 10 dollars (which would hardly offend me), you can Band Camp it.

One important note:  These songs were home recorded and I didn’t get a professional to mix and master for regular listening.  So you might have to interact with your volume knob a little.



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