Secret Blog 48

I’m getting so close to my end goal of 50 Secret Blogs.  I don’t have these last few planned out yet.  I don’t know what I’ll be talking about.  I was going to go back to the beginning and read some of the first entries and try to tie it in somehow but I’m feeling lazy.
My new computer doesn’t have word processing software on it yet.  Normally I use Word.  I spent a big chunk of the day today searching the internet for information about my options for word processors.  I ended up finding one that I like a lot, surprisingly.  It’s called WriteRoom.  I think it was developed for Macs but I also think you can get it for PC.   If you’ve ever seen the TV show Doogie Howser, M.D. then you’ve seen WriteRoom.  It’s a blank, black screen with a blinking green curser and the text is all green.  It’s so basic.
Simplicity is actually the point.
I’m writing the first draft of this entry on a free month-long downloaded version of WriteRoom.  I’m testing it out.  The regular version is around 25 dollars.  I thought it sounded like a ripoff when I first heard the price.  But I have to say that I’m enjoying it.
It’s designed to eliminate the distractions of writing on a computer.  It’s probably the closest you can get to typing on a typewriter.  I have a feeling I’ll want to buy it.  I think I would use this pretty regularly.  I think one of the hardest things about writing is focusing.  I say that while, in addition to typing on WriteRoom I’m also wearing  some big, noise-blocking headphones.
This is a video about WriteRoom:
The screenplay I’m working on is getting to the next stage.  For a little while I was just free writing my thoughts about the movie idea I had.  Then I blocked it out into a 3 Act structure.  Then I broke the 3 Acts down into 12 separate episodic sections.  Meaning that I broke it down into 12 10 minute episodes.
Now, I’ve been going through each episode and writing 10 things that are going to happen in each episode.  The idea is that when I finish I will know exactly what each page will need to accomplish.  And I believe it will make the actual writing of the screenplay a lot easier and more enjoyable than I was thinking it would be.
I’ve finished 10 of the 12 episodes.  My next writing session will be devoted to the last 2.  And once I’m done with that one I can go back and start typing out the first draft and see how it goes.
What I have so far is just the basic backbone of the story.  It’s gonna be 120 plot points.  One plot point per page, ideally.  In the next stage I’ll have to flesh it all out and put add the dialogue.   I think that part will be interesting because the characters will hopefully start to feel alive finally.  I don’t yet know what all they are gonna be talking about.
It’s funny to type this into a giant, black screen instead of a giant white space with a bunch of little doo dads all around it.  It’s so plain that it’s nice.  I feel calm about it or something.  It’s suddenly kinda silly to me how complicated a computer screen can be when you’re typing into it.  I have a friend who has always typed on an old typewriter and I’ve always been a little envious of him because of it.  Writing on a typewriter just seems so much cooler.  It’s so hardcore.  But I don’t have a typewriter right now.  All I have is an awesome, state-of-the-art computer… (boo hoo.._)
I’m curious what it would be like to write songs on this.  My normal songwriting “sketchpad” is just whatever sort of paper is closest to me.  Lately it’s blank, white computer printer paper.  But I’m not hung up on that or anything.  In fact, I think I might be sick of it.  White blankness is something I don’t like that much.  I think it’s because I stare at it so often.  I’m enjoying typing this into total black.  It changes the experience a little.  I don’t know how to explain it, it’s just different.
Anyway, I think I’m gonna scram and go find some food.  Thanks for hanging out for a minute.
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