Secret Blog 47

Okay, remember that computer I was talking about earlier?  Well I bought it yesterday!   This is my first blog to type on it and it’s great.  The screen is HUGE.  I’m used to looking at laptop screens.  This thing is the size of a TV.  It’s one of the new iMacs.  I got it at Best Buy.  They ended up having one that someone had returned that was 15 percent off.  It dropped the price by almost 200 bucks which was very cool.  I think somebody just bought it and changed their mind about wanting one because there’s nothing wrong with it.  I’m overly happy with it.  I’ve been using an iBook G4 since the summer of 2007 and I’ve enjoyed it a lot but all of my music stuff was filling up the hard drive real fast.  I think it has 60 gigs.  I had to get an external hard drive.  About 2 months ago the battery burned out so I had to set it aside.  It just so happened that my birthday and tax return were coming at the same time.  Actually, that happens every year since my birthday is April 14th.

I considered getting another laptop or maybe even an iPad.  If you’ve read other blog entries you probably already know this.  I came to the conclusion though that what I need more than anything is a lot of hard drive space.  So I decided on this desktop.  I’m actually kinda glad that it’s not portable.  I am the type to use my computer ALL of the time so being able to take one with me means that I ALWAYS have it with me.  But I’ve also been wanting to try to have a life that isn’t on the computer (sounds fun, huh?).  I think having a desktop computer that has to stay in one place will help me compartmentalize my time.  People have said, “Well, you won’t be able to take your computer to the library or to a coffee shop anymore!”   I think that’s okay though.  I think I’ll survive.  And I like writing in regular notebooks a lot too.  It’s more… organic.. (heh.. duh..).

It really is weird how big the screen is.  My laptop was 13 inches and at that size you’re always bending down trying to see everything.  This thing feels so spacious.  Like, I’m typing this here in a giant open white space that’s gotta be at least 2 feet wide.  I’m noticing that it’s taking me a little while to get all the way across the screen.   I kinda like that though.

I love this.  I love how flexible the giant screen makes my writing experience.  I don’t feel cramped in.  It’s like I suddenly have all this elbow room and I can myself out.  I wonder if this will have an effect on my writing.  I bet it does.  I can’t see the ease of this making writing harder.

Last night I couldn’t sleep and I stayed up a little later and recorded my first song on the new computer.  I was wanting to test out the new GarageBand and see how my USB microphone was gonna sound.  It was great.  Sorry, I know I sound like a salesman but I’m so glad to have this new computer.  I know it’s geeky.  I feel like my laptop was like my entry-level Mac.  I played around on it a lot and figured out a bunch of the programs.  What I could do on the thing was limited by the power.  But this new thing is crazy powerful compared to it.  Like, I watched a bunch of old Lost episodes on the other computer and it would take a little while to load.  It was like watching a slide show version of the show.  But last night I got on Hulu just to see how Lost looked on it and I was blown away by how great it looked and how fast it went.  It was the same speed as as if I was watching it on TV.  And the picture is actually clearer on the computer!

Oh and I wanted to note that I got the 21.5-inch iMac.  There’s another one that’s 27-inches!!  WHOA!!  I don’t know if I would ever need a computer that big.  IT.  IS.  HUUUUUGE.  And the thing is that with a computer you sit close to it, unlike a TV where you’re usually at least 8 feet or so away.   I am having a hard time imagining what this would look like on a 27-inch screen.  Hmm… if I did a lot video editing stuff maybe that would be cool to have.  It’s always nice to see videos as big as possible, especially if they’re going to be viewed by other people on big screens…

Anyway.  I was gonna write until I filled up the giant white  space on my computer screen and I’m only about halfway there!  Gollee.

I gotta go so I can take a break.  This blog entry has wiped me out!

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