Secret Blog 45

I wish I could watch a new episode of Lost right now.

I decided to begin this post with whatever thought happened to be in my head.  That was it.  There are only 6 more hours of Lost to go.  4 regular episodes and a 2-hour series finale.  I’m excited to see the story wrap up but I’m gonna miss watching it each week.  I already said this in a previous blog but I’m a late Lost fan.  I never saw an episode until January of this year.  But since then I’ve blown through every watchable episode since.  And now I’m up to speed.


I’m trying to slow down my twittering.  I don’t think it’s bad but all people hear from me are my tweets.  My life is partly defined by them right now because it’s the only communication I have with most people.  I try to make them real good but… sometimes I just wanna say dumb stuff on there.  But I feel like most of my thoughts are pretty boring.

Here’s a live feed inside my brain right now if you’re curious:

sure is raining a lot this weekend

think the dishwasher just made a sound

might watch tv pretty soon

just made coffee and put honey and 2% milk in it

hope i can buy a new computer real soon

hope i can record some music on it real soon too

hope i can get some new microphones to make it all sound better

sure did sleep late this morning

was gonna get up early

checking the internet is always exciting for me

i think i’ve got a couple more recorded office reruns to watch

i feel so boring but i like it

i wanna learn how to play some new songs that i like but don’t know how they go

there was a bob dylan songbook at barnes and noble for 10 dollars the other night- i saved the money to put it with my new computer money

i need to remember to write before i play nintendo this week- write before nintendo- remember

can’t decide if i want to relax or work today- working is relaxing in it’s own way because feeling productive makes you feel good about yourself

i really like when there’s nothing to do and nobody to talk to- i don’t get lonely very often- just thankful for the alone time

i feel peaceful and i think i’m looking forward to television today

sometimes television is the best thing around

but you’ve gotta watch it in moderation if you can

some tv is so good- i love good tv, what can i say?

i should do five productive things and then watch tv the rest of the day- that might be good

five productive things…  sounds easy

i drank a flaming dr. pepper last night and i’m not sure what it was

i think it was good- i don’t drink much

some people party

i watch tv and try to think of productive things to do

time to get busy

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